Mobility challenged Nigerian pharmacist, Blessing Mary Ocheido, and her husband Okechukwu Victor Igwegbe, have welcomed their first child.

The disability advocate took to her Facebook page on Sunday, July 25, 2022 to announce the birth of their daughter.

She wrote on her page,

“Once He said it. Twice I heard it. That All Power Belongs to God,”

“The amount of goodwill I have received from friends and family with regard to the birth of my daughter has left me speechless. The kind words, alerts, packages, status updates, mindblowing gestures, and more… words are awfully inadequate to express the depth of my gratitude. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!! Mama, Papa and Baby are grateful.”

A long while ago, Blessing took to social media to narrate how her father’s family mocked and humiliated her mother for having only female children.

According to Blessing Mary, the in-laws said that as far as traditions were concerned, her mother had no children yet.

Her post reads ;

There’s an interesting on-going discussion about the rights or lack of of women who are married according to traditional customs in Nigeria.

I’m stunned that people are surprised that the woman or girl child has almost no rights based on most cultures in Nigeria. In fact, if you think otherwise, share any customs or traditions in your community that protects or uplifts women and girls

I mean, I was less than 8 when I decided to stop going with my family to the village for Christmas celebrations in December. This was as a result of the humiliation and pain my mum, especially, always suffered at the hands of her in-laws

They mocked her for having only girl children. Told her that as far as traditions were concerned, she had no children yet. They went as far as calling my sisters and I useless and tried to get my father to marry a second wife who would birth him a son= a heir

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