A Nigerian woman living abroad has stated that at some point in the life of a Nigerian living in the diaspora, they realize that their relatives cherish their money more than their presence.

She made this assertion while sharing her experience with her relatives back in Nigeria.

She recounted a time when she traveled back to her own country from the US, and instead of being happy to see her, her family members, who couldn’t hide their disappointment, said they would have rather she send the money she spent on her journey to them rather than coming all the way.

She concluded that some relatives living in Nigeria are too greedy; all they care about is the money one sends home and not the person’s wellbeing.

Her words,

“I traveled from the US to Lagos, took a flight from Lagos to the east, then hired a taxi from the airport to my hometown, and the first question a relative greeted me with was, “this one you returned in the middle of the year, hope all is well? You should have just sent that flight money to us instead of wasting it on flight tickets. Anyway, you are welcome.

One day we will talk about family greed. The moment you travel abroad, you become a means to an end to some. They don’t care if you die, just keep sending money whenever they ask and all will be well. At some point in your life while in the diaspora, you’ll understand that the money you send home is more valuable than your presence. When you figure that part, you will also start hiding your financial success and purchases.”

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