A Nigerian man who is married to a Christian wife has lamented on the s*xual boredom in his marriage due to the religious beliefs of his wife.

Read Him below, as shared by Joro;



  1. Hmmmm,notin person no go see online!!which one be robocop style again???its for beta for worse,jst bear wit her cos it’s against her believe.but pls ehnnn don’t cheat on ur wife becos of doggy and Robocop style ooooo. Lol

  2. Yebaleft we all know all this ur post are fake but u keep posting all sorts of it bcuz that’s what Nigerians like to talk about..Its well o afterall we won’t kill ourselves…oya let d comments balls in

  3. Am really surprised y people still have tym to comment on all dis useless untrue story posted by dis useless yabaleftonline…common guys wake up….they r feeding u with news dat will not edify u butt damage it mentally….

  4. Madam pls dis ur husband sabi good food just adjust urself and please him since born again no dey for sex as married woman oh hmmmmmm I still dey laugh.give what belongs to God to God and what belongs to Oga to oga

  5. This is what I lyk to place comment.. Plssss plp let talk truth. God created Sex to be enjoyable for couples not singles it belongs to married people not singles. So she being born again is one of most important reason for her to enjoy sex with her husband cos it is blessed and acceptable in the side of God, let her do all the dirty things in sex it with her husband it is not a sin let her even call d name of d lord during d sex it is not a sin and not against her believe because He who created it has accepted it.. So she say bcos she is born again she will not make love to her husband bcos it against her believe like seriously? When why did she got married is it just be to looking at her husband’s face abi..

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