From a Disturbed Reader!

In 2012, I was transferred to Ibadan. I have lots of girlfriends in Lagos and don’t want to date any new girl in Ibadan, so me and my friend that was transferred to Ibadan together became regulars at a brothel.

Me and my friend had just 2 customers we patronize. 6 months later (early 2013) I was transferred back to Lagos.

After I left, I do invite one of the girls to Lagos because she is too good in bed till I lost her contact when my phone got lost (December 2013). We all traveled home yesterday due to sallah celebration. I was surprised when I saw my younger brother come with the prostitute in Ibadan and introduced her to me as his fiancee.

I just stood there not knowing what to do because I was expecting the girl to feel somehow and but she didn’t even show any fear.

Throughout the day She was everywhere cooking and joking with everybody around there. I thought she was pretending not to know me but I didn’t confront her, so I asked for some of her pix from my brother and sent it to that my friend if he knows the girl and he was quick to tell me that’s the girl I do bleep in Ibadan.

But when I told him of the relationship between my brother and the girl, he told me to tell our parents and my brother so they can cancel the relationship that the girl isn’t worth it.

Now am confused, I don’t know if the girl is pretending or she doesn’t recognize me anymore because of her numerous customers. I don’t know if I should tell my brother or just keep quiet.

Advice me please.

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    • Bose or whatever u call urself, am sure d guy in question is ur brother because i not talk 2 u everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. maybe u luv d way he mess around with ladies n u ‘re encouraging him to continue in it. Are u a xtian? Are u born again Are u really a child of God? y then encourage him in d act. And i tot u ‘re a married responsible woman. May d Almighty God have mercy on u.

    • N for u Bose it culd u njoy d way d guy sleeps around with ladies. maybe u don’t understand my comments u had better repent b4 d judgment of God come upon u

    • Well this is Africa,u don’t begin to sleep around bc men cheats, how will u as a lady feel when u ‘re married to a man whose blood brother had slept with u in a brothel, well this is one good reason why we ladies should control that hole in between our legs,I insist this guy should go ahead nd tell d brother, just to be free

  1. Fucking tell him it shows u don’t love UR brother. D woman can become UR brother problems for life. God won’t forgive u I assure u dat. To hell with d prostitute. This UR brother ur blood and his life

    • N there’s nothing like repentance in ur village. Sucker! He that slept with a prostitute nko..who will judge his matter. Blind conclusion

    • Re u a pro. When na dey do am na no sabi say na bad tin. Repent my foot. Once an Ashley wil always b an Ashley if it paining u change and c if u can stop.

    • My dear, I will never be one OK. My dad is wealthy enough to take care of my bills n my loving boyfriend has always got my back so runs or prostitution is the last thing on my mind. I always ask God never to take away these two persons away so I don’t even think of such dirty things as a means of living. But I said this out of wisdom which is obvious u don’t have! When I first read it, I wanted to say sane thing as you but on a second thought, I had a better opinion. So when next someone comes to u for an advice…try sitting down, think deeply into the situation weigh it properly before giving an answer because ur advice may better or worsen d situation….or better still, shut the fuck up!!

    • For ur own info dear, am a student that sell handbags to maximize pocket money so u can bring ur girl n I will sell nice bags for her. Everything in this life is done accurately with those that has common sense. I wonder y they call it common when it’s actually not

    • I don’t knw why it paining u so much and as I don’t knw wat it happening in UR life. So I can’t say but d fact and d truth is humans tend to give excuses for been unmorally stable due greediness or mayb pple around them. I am tired of pple like u blaming condition on been wayward. U say it bcos of financial difficulty dat y someone shld b a pros of all tinz dat God created HE said it that he has given abundance to the world and let THEM choose of the gud not the bad u only have URsef to blame. It pple like u dat encourage nonsense in the society when beta solutions can b offered. Hw do someone dat goes around sleeping with different men. Can just decide to change one day without God intervention I guess u don’t knw wat is attached spiritually to pros. U tink it sometin u can turn around ova nite. Nobody even asked u abt mayb u ok or rich I only gave my opinion. If u rich u don’t need to tell me dat it won’t add or remove from my life bcos I don’t give a shit. They will say it condition are there not normal gals dat are also into it. Greediness. I knw why said wat I said. dat pros can’t b any gud bcos greediness can NEVA make a man contented. Later on in life if d guy run into problem is Dere no assurance dat d woman wuld go back to d way she was. Prevention is beta than cure. No mata the situation in life those who are meant to b rich will b and dose who re not meant to won’t b. Bcos life and us all only answer to one tin. GOD ALMIGHTY. From Hw life is the least tin a man can worry abt dat shld b his wife bcos she will either b His success or failure. Has the story of eve not reached u woman. It beta to go for wat u re sure of dAn wat u not sure of.

    • U are talking OP mister! I never exonerated the act..try to understand my simple English because am finding it hard to understand urs. I never said its good to do prostitution but if someone was into it n came out of it, does that mean nobody should marry her. I don’t know the girl in question n I don’t even wanna know her but to be generally fair on human. If God has forgiven her past life, who are u mere dust to judge her? Before u cast the stone, make sure u ain’t in the categories of men that patronize them. Its not only when u sleep with a half naked woman on the street that u have slept with a pros..even when u sleep with a married woman or deceive young girl n lure them to bed. If u do any of these n still cast a stone on the so called peosritute, wait because a heavy rock is what God will stone u with.

    • Ifunaya are u saying he should not tell his brother or what? He should go on and tell it’s left for his brother to decide.

  2. Hw did it happened? Is she da one dat seduced u or u seduced her?.if u are da one dat seduced her,then u are da my advice is,let da sleeping dog lies.

  3. U hv fall into d hand of demonic sexual seduction spirit,d attrocity,already hv been committed,so wat left 4u z confession nd ask God 4 4gvness..m sure he will set u free.

  4. U are also a qoat for sleepinq with her, while tellinq ur brother that she is an harlot also tell him dat u ave slept with her

  5. Talk oooo….forget u have done her save ur family because if she comes in as wife and ur keeping silent u will know who rules town….

  6. Don’t hide anything to your brother!, but you should know how to present the case to him. So that he will know how to handle her. Because mariage is not something one will do for a short time and drop, i mean not something you do today tomorrow you live it. Marying a bad person you will feel like dying, because there will be no happiness in your side. So your brother should study her life before geting her maried.

  7. pls let your brother know about her and make sure she said it in you people’s present,who knows after confessing she might change? but you just have to tell your brother.

  8. To b frank and not bias here, bros ua d prostitute 4 taking urself 2 a prostitute’s tent. Dat woman is a stranded soul whom God has chosen to dnt b d devil who will stop her blessing. Be ashamed of and blame yourself 4 letting ur sexuality take u 2 a prostitute nt d woman 4 being wat she had 2 b or doing wat she had 2 do(wit her reasons)at dat tym cos nt every prostitute does it for fun esp dos who r endly tremendously blessd. Most woman has beautiful sad stories 2 tell if u had 2 listen. D only thing u can do is 2 tell dat lady 2 use her mouth 2 tell ur broda who she realy is/was,dat u can not live wit d secret. But neva tell him dat u slept wit her. U may be shattering ur broda’s hapiness cos she might b d only one right for him. He may b her destiny and if u shatter it ,if u let d devil use u 2 shatter it,u might b offending God. Thank u.

  9. How more do u trust ur sister to call a woman harlot and what make u think dat ur sis can’t. Fall a victim of dis issue no harsh words but put. urself. In the Shoe no one is perfect forgive and forget every tin u had wit her is let for her to. Tell her hubby her past plessSssss let. Her be she is fighting her own unique battle that make u think she is a harlot judge no one after all the woman u gonna pick as a wife tommoro u dnt knw how she has really messed herself up

  10. U that’s sleeping with a prostitute, how market? What do we call u? If u n ur likes don’t go there to patronise them, am sure either hunger would have killed them or they look for another means of livelihood. Idiot of the highest order! Proudly telling us u slept with ashawo n still have the effrontery to blast her for being a prostitute. May Gods wrath visit u fool

  11. Supposing she has repented. Supposing you want to get married and , all the women you have slept with tell your fiancé. Secondly if everybody tells everybody how pleasant will it be. Supposing your brother knows her history but he loves her as she is?

  12. No! U had your fun but your brother treated her with respect n love!
    That life was business. Remember, it’s a noble profession n it gave you avenue to avoid suicide from suppressed sexual aggression.

  13. People with lack of wisdom speaking out of anger. Simple reasoning…u can’t! Am sure most of u just wrote the first thing that came to ur head especially the men (they can’t just imagine it) but they are the ones sneaking into these harlots they come here to give advice..Hypocrites!!!
    Well, my advice is this “the one that is busying jumping from one ashawo to the other should call the girl n have a talk with her n find out y she was prostituting, then watch out for her to see if she’s a changed person or set traps for her (she will definitely fall into one if she’s irresponsible). If u do these n find out she’s changed, better leave ur brother to marry her because when God will punish u, u won’t be able to stand. The girl may have been doing that for some reasons. U men r mean n heartless n ruthless..a girl who is frustrated financially walks up to u for help n u tell her u must sleep with her n all that. So most of these girls instead of begging sell their dignity. Though I know some just do it for fun..but whatever reason u do it, its never a good idea! But, if the person repents n God has forgiven her, u don’t have any right whatsoever to tamper with her blessing

  14. No am not generalizing because I don’t know them but they know themselves. So if u are sure u are not in such categories, then its not for u. They know themselves anytime any day anywhere

  15. Since its my brother I will tell him..coz I can’t leave with d guilt..I am telling him bcoz I have 2 buh if he loves her enof 2 continue wit her den its fine by me..

  16. Luk evryone hav d kinda life dey live bfor marriage coms in…soo i bliv dt dis guy has no ryt to spoil a marriage….its nt easy for a grl to get a guy to settle dwn wit her soo pls bro donot be d instrument d devil wants to use to spoil an upcomin marriage….d one ur goin to marry did she tell u shez a saint? …infact how many of us are saints cos i kno pretenders do d worst

  17. My bro, u slept with her too, u are not excused. You have your past she has hers. Let it be buried. Open a new chapter in your life that erases her. Never should that past be mentioned. We are after all products of grace and the worst sinner can become a saint.

  18. Trixie thanx 4 ur comments make God bless u. instead of dem to point d truth to dem, dy started insulting me anyway am not bordered. keep it up

  19. Those men that call them prostitutes..I wonder who the so called pros sleep with. I wonder who patronizes them? Lol men are so funny in the brain

  20. Everyone has a past both good and bad. D girl in question made her mistakes in d past, u also made your own mistake by sleeping with a prostitute. Supposing one of u had given d other HIV would u be alive to b engaged or to reveal d past that has fast gone…. Allow d present to take its course.

  21. Re u tellin him 2 4giv u or wat,,, u dnt fink ppl change cos u stil a prostitute… By sleepin wv a prostitute u re 1 2.. U beta mind ur own lyf

  22. If yr brodas fiansy is a prostite,and u HV slept with her,u are equally a prostite so both of u are partners in crime so don’t gorge her OK,u are not holia Dan her.

  23. I know a guy who married a prostitute out of love, that guy nd his entire family were ruined bc of dat, some prostitutes ‘re just like Jezbel,they ‘re very fetish,they sleep with anything in trouser ,making their husband’s vegetables, most of them carry bad luck, they go into prostitution out of greed, ,plz tell ur brother or else ur brothers life will be ruined,

  24. Let De Lady Understnd Wat Shes Doing Dat Shes Riskn Her Life So If She Reli Luvs Ur Broda She Shuld Tel Her Berta Dan Sme1 Frm Outsde Teln Ur Broda.

  25. Lol in as much as am not in support of the guy telling his brother because he himself committed the act, this should also serve as a lesson to all these runs girls n prostitutes..this is to remind them that no matter how changed u are, the consequences of ur sin always catches up with u. Law of karma is real! Y am saying this is because I will pour someone acid when I catch u in future with my hubby oo lol..because then it will come out here on Fb n u people will be shouting “this girl is heartless”. Runs girls/ashawos/hustlers whatever u call ur job, BEWARNED!!

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