A 20-year old University student whose father collected a whooping sum of N1.5 million from a suitor as bride-price without her consent has threatened to depreciate her body with massive sex.

This distraught lady who has fallen victim of the antics of her selfish father has threatened to pay her husband back with a high rate of immorality and infidelity.

Read her story below:


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  1. Better go and enjoy your life for the man house,…pesin wah get mind give your papa that kind money go hold money die. but incase the man come dey bit you tomorrow still come complain for here, I promise you we go still comment.

  2. Oh pls common! Why must it be Ibo? This is why some men don’t want to marry an ibo girl but 1.5m is a lie na which country want pay 1.5m for just dowry.. Men pls don’t listen it a lie, am an ibo girl single and searching pls men come my dowry is cheap but if u don’t have money stay away from me..hahahahaha

  3. If realy your father is a bastard and at thesame time he is lazy then i think you are not counted out because it only that your husband that pay such huge amount of money that can make the diference so pls mind the way you post if realy that you are saying the truth.

  4. If this is a true story, reason with your dad, ask him y he did that to you,don’t quarry him,but talk to him for to understand your pain as a little girl,pray more concerning that man,God will open your eyes to see if truly is your husband, reason together with them,hold done if their is any marriage proposal, sort out this issues first,with any problem there must be a solution, don’t sake for advice from friend but God

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