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Beautiful Zahra Buhari yesterday took to her Twitter account to inquire from her followers what matters to them most in which she emphasized on honesty.

Zahra who seems oblivious of the economic squeeze in the land which has inflicted hunger on the masses never bargained for a painful response from one of her followers named Arike Martins.

Arike boldly voiced out her frustration about the All Progressives Congress-led government spearheaded by her father.

According to Arike, she can’t technically wait till the year 2019 to see Mr. Buhari booted out of office through a democratic process.

See a screenshot of the hilarious short drama below:



    • So what right thing has Buhari really done???or Aren’t you affected by the economy??can a hungry man think straight???And instead of finding solutions all we hear is blame blame blame…I guess that’s doing something right.

      • Its not just but Ghana and other african n europe countries too. We critize leadership as if we are God. Nigerians and Ghanaians need to desist from this habit. The person shouldn’t be your favourite for u to like him n his leadership skills. Many of u are about to have leprosy lol as mariam in the bible when she rebelled against Moses leadership. Leave the lady alone. What u wish for others could be what awaits u in the next minutes, hour,moment, months, year or a day. Let’s be mindful of what we say

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