A business woman identified as Oluwabunmi Balogun has told an Igando customary court her husband has once attempted to sleep with their teenage housekeeper.

She made the disclosure when she testified in a divorce petition filed by her husband on Thursday.

“When I went for a vigil, my 12-year-old housekeeper rushed to meet me in the church at about 12 am, she was half n*ked, telling me that my husband wanted to sleep with her.

“She stayed with me through the vigil and the following morning, I took the girl to my husband’s room to have her repeat herself in his presence.’’

Oluwabunmi said that her husband sent the housekeeper packing after the confrontation, adding that “I also caught him and my friend’s younger sister coming out of a hotel’’.

She also alleged that her husband was dating a single mother on their street and that he packed out from his house the same day the other woman packed out of hers.

“My husband packed out of the house he built to an unknown destination, abandoning me and our children. He moved out with a lady he was dating on our street to rent an apartment elsewhere.’’

The mother of three, however, pleaded with the court not to grant her husband’s wish for dissolution, saying that she was still in love with him.

The husband Rasak, a 51-year-old accountant, had urged the court to dissolve his 13-year-old marriage to Oluwabunmi for alleged s*x starvation.

He said, “Whenever we have misunderstanding, my wife will deny me s*x and food; and for the past six months now, she had refused me to make love to her.”

He said that Oluwabunmi was fond of accusing him of infidelity, adding that “my wife always accused me of dating any woman she sees in my car. She once trailed me to a place, stopped my car, dragged the woman out of my car and she gave her the beating of her life.

“She also beat up one of our tenants, accusing her of having an affair with me. Because of her behaviour, I ordered her to leave my house and when she refused, I packed out from the house.”

Rasak, said that he was sick and tired of the marriage and that the love he once had for her had faded.

The President of the court, Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case till July 26 for judgment.



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