Dossou Adenike, is an aggrieved woman seeking divorce in a Lagos Island Customary Court. She has alleged that her husband for 12 years, Mr. Segun Dossou, a Benin Republic national, inserts his fingers into the private parts of his young daughters while bathing them.

Adenike said she was shocked to realize that her husband had been carrying on with the ungodly act anytime he volunteered to bath the children, aged 8, 10 and 12 respectively, adding that on more than three occasions, she had woken up to find her husband missing from their bed only to find him sleeping beside their children in their room.

Speaking in court, the complainant said:

“I went with him to Cotonou to seal our union in their registry. I was just signing documents; I didn’t know what was written in the papers. I don’t love him anymore and I don’t want to give my girls to live with him.

I am still in shock. Our first daughter, 12, told me that she is growing and didn’t like what her dad did to her,” Adenike sobbed.“I scolded him and asked if he wanted to ruin our children’s life but he didn’t respond“I am in support of the dissolution because I know he wants our children in his custody to continue his misdeeds.”

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DAILY POST reports that the husband, a 39-year-old Immigration Officer, however, debunked his wife’s assertion, saying the problems in their marriage began when his wife got a job and became unmanageable.

Dossou said:

“She is a thief, she steals government’s property. She brought cement and coal tar home. It was her attitude that made us fight and she left me.”

The defendant went further to say “I just want our daughters. I don’t love or need her anymore.”

The court president, Chief Awos Awosola, advised the couple to be very careful with their utterances in future and to maintain peace.



  1. He is a child molester n must face d ful consequence of his action by sending him to jail, else he will soon violate his neighbours child.

    • so you can actually insert your finger in any other child’s viginal that’s not your blood right? let me know if the act was good at all,it doesnt matter where the child came from but lets reason together pls,does that make any sense? if not the man was posses and after everything they’ll start blaming the devil

    • wendeh comfort pls i am talking to d woman first before coming to d man’s judgement. i neva said he was right so try to undstand somebody’s comment first

  2. Yes his very stupid,mother’s should teach der duagthers on how to dress.Becos seductive dressing can lead a man into temptation.

  3. Ederi Osai you are sick,by your comment you are like that lunatic of a man,he is a wicked man and deserve no mercy,his hand should be cut.

  4. Some of you are just being un~neceassrily stupid. Don’t forget it can also rain on ur sink oneday. if you feel your home is perfect n see some other peopple share their problems stop commenting robish.

  5. Even though he’s not biological father of the girl, what give him d right to commit such sin? He is a dog that has gone beyond control. Nonsense.

  6. they ar all his property though, bt woman check urself hw many rooms do u hv maybe one nd u ar complaining maybe he’s mistaken ur daughter for urs

  7. Is your daughter’s VG a warmer? If he is feeling cold in his hands madam it is your VG he supposed to insert his hand in and not that of your daugher by the way that thing is NOT for hand use meanwhile in a polite manner ask him how he felt when he inserted his hand in his own daughter’s VG.

  8. Dat man nids 2b kept in a place whr humans dnt liv 4d rest of his miserable life….. Useless n worthless SOB!

  9. And ur husband waited fr u to snap it wen u entered d rum ? Cum to tink of it u saw wah apen n u remembered to snap dem mtcheeeew rubbish

  10. Quite interesting let us hear both sides before concluding there must be primafacia evidence established, woman could come up with such because of issues within there matrimonial home there must be evidence no sane person will do such until established please.


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