A viral video showing a groom glued to his phone while walking down the aisle with his bride has caused a massive stir online.

The trending clip that found its way to the internet shows the groom seemingly detached from his surroundings, engrossed in his phone, while his bride walks down the aisle beside him shortly after they exchanged their vows.

As they walked down the aisle, the wife, with a broad smile, expressed gratitude to those who had come from far and wide to grace the occasion. However, her husband remained focused on his mobile phone throughout.

The video, originally shared on TikTok, quickly gained traction and generated a wave of reactions from social media users.

While some defend the groom’s actions, suggesting that he may have been attending to an important business matter, others argue that his behavior was disrespectful to his wife and their special day.

However, an Instagram user who claimed to have been at the wedding explained that the viral video was taking after the event.

“I was actually at the wedding and this was not even their first time walking down the aisle. This was them leaving for the second time after being asked to return to take photos with the family. That is why the church is empty. Abeg stop trying to ruin the narrative of people’s joyful day and create fake problems. Their wedding was beautiful and its so evident that their love for each other is genuine. This goes to show how easily people spread lies and take things out of context.” She wrote.

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