A fed up Nigerian Facebook user, Sandra took to her page to share screenshots of Facebook messages she received from an obsessed guy who is hell bent on having her as his lover.

The guy clouded her inbox with freaky and dirty messages! Sandra shared the screenshots writing:


“The things I see in my inbox hmm. I updated my messenger few minutes ago and I received message requests from most people I do not know, then I saw this!!!. He’s not even a friend on Facebook.”

Yeah well, “obsession” explains this scenario perfectly! Continue with the screenshots below:








  1. Young lady you shouldn’t have done this but according to my own understanding through what I read, you must have been in a Relationship with the guy only that sex isn’t involved now he wants sex but you refuse him cs you’re done with him else let’s see the chat of the past four years……. I rest my case!

  2. She’s just Another dying b*tch looking for attention, I can bet there re some guys who u gave that ur p*ssy for less than 7k and some even for free. The guy is a mumu for begging for ordinary p*ssy for 4yrs, I can’t even beg for 4months

  3. @ saamu y are you insulting d poor girl is it paining cos you have done something like this before it happens Everytime some psychos would just see your pictures n go crazy so y call her such names I dont see how it affect you if she refuses to give in to guy its either u have done it before or you are still doing it. d guy is proud to beg someone like you will rape d girl if possible idiot good for Nothing follow I dont dont y you drink panadol for someone else’sheadache

  4. naw everyone if she has slept with men its none of my business but its absurd to see someone picture and be masturbating on it someone you have never seen but for me I see Nothing wrong in wat she has done dis is a stalker n dis guy imagine 4 years dats some scary shit dere dats to tell you ladies be careful with d way you post pictures on a public social media. my fwend posted one and dat picture was used to advertise nasty things pls lets be careful

  5. What are u exposing him for? Is sex a new crime?abi na him be the first man to offer u 35k? Shebi If u don’t like him ,you block him.. U waited for 4years only for us to start hearing dis Korkonsa jist . What have u been doing with him for the past 4years… Babe leave matter for Mathias… No come here come make me waste my data…
    If u didn’t portray yourself as a prostitute he won’t have the guts to even ask to pay u money..
    Attention seekers…
    If u say I dey talk rubbish send us ur chat with him for dat four years…. Story that touches the heart…
    Pls mummy our okro soup DON ready? Make we chop !

  6. Is this the trending thing among Nigerian girls or what. Is that a new way to gain fame or a way to curb sexual harassment.Lets stop this hypocritical attitude cos is shameful. Der are ways to block people on all social networks than coming out disgracing yourself. Every young woman should expect it from any man, coming out like this in the name of exposure can never be the best. Rubbish

  7. Sometimes I’m just wondering ooo, why would I beg a lady for sex or love?
    If I need sex I can get it with my money anywhere, if I need to be love, the love will come, I don’t need to force it or beg for it.

    I rather beg for contract (money)

  8. It’s showing that you are nothing but a material of Lust…..simple!
    Attention seeker!!!…..Kim Kardashian family!!!!! that’s why you uploaded your boobs and big butt on here…u beta get your shameless post of social…

  9. why should a man offer u money for sex are u a commercial sex worker 4yrs is quite a long time we u know dat u dont av interest u should’ve block him u sef wan do dats why u hold on till now u come spoil everything wit dis ur story it sounds ridiculous

  10. And where is your own chats with him? I also noticed he asked for your new number, meaning you gave him your previous number.. So why acting like you genuine and honest? Mtcheew!!! Some girls sef, what are you feeling like now?

  11. Let Privacy Remain Private.. Inbox Message Shouldn’t Be Let Out In The Public.

    What Is Wrong With Nigerian Gals These Days?? Any Little Thing They Will Screen Shot & Upload Inbox Conversation.. Make We Run For U People

  12. There are many ways to get rid of his text,by reporting him,or even if possible beg him to stop texting u,its no big deal,ok maybe u should pray God take men away from ur life,as for me a lot of guys inbox me ,I love u,admiration in so many ways just ignore if u r not interested, than dedicating yourself like a 3months old baby, nonsense

  13. The way u appear is exactly d way u will b addressed. Posting pix showing off your backside online to me is like telling everyone u are a Sex machine n available to their services. The man priced to have sex wt u cos of ur appearance, so it’s no big deal.

  14. believe me guys,these is the irony of whole thing,the guy might be begging her for sex while sandra might be begging someone else too for somthing thru sex….in other words,what you beg for is be giving to someone freely….

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