A young Nigerian lady has ended things with her boyfriend for not showing her enough care and affection.

A now viral video that was shared on social media by the lady’s sister showed her lashing out at her boyfriend over the phone for prioritizing making money over spending quality time with her.

She stated that despite her best efforts to adapt, she is now tired of the relationship and wants to end it.

She bemoaned the fact that she can’t fall asleep at night because she worries about him and how he treats her, whereas he sleeps well and wakes up the next day eager to set out again in search of money.

She asked him to bring the wristwatch she bought for him when he’s going to play football so that she can collect it back since they are no longer together.

All the while she was baring her heart out, her sister, who was filming her, was just eating and making some funny facial expressions.

Watch video below,

In other news, aTwitter user @suwaidybaba shared the story of a woman who spent a lot of money to organize a birthday surprise for her husband but had to shamefully leave his office because her efforts were not appreciated.

“A woman organized a surprise birthday party for her husband in his office, spent alot of money but she left with a cold feet because his mood was off. May we Marry an appreciative partner”, he tweeted.

Another user, @gbengawemimo who felt the husband may have a valid reason for not showing interest in the birthday surprise shared his own experience and explained why spouses should focus more on what their partners like, not what they think they deserve.

Read his story here.

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