Nigerian filmmaker and author, Onyeka Nwelue, has opined that the majority of people get married as a means to an end and not because they are in love.

The author, who stated this in a tweet sharing his thoughts about marriage, said most people get married because they need help and shoulders to lean on.

According to him, when people get tired of pursuing their dreams alone, they get married for support and to have someone who will suffer with them.

His words,

“What most people do, is when they are tired of chasing their dreams alone, they get married to someone or something, for support, someone that will suffer with them. Most people who marry, are just looking for help and shoulders to lean on. Not because they love anybody.”

“The current set of people, advising me to get married, are divorcees. I know they want me to be miserable like them. But, I want to know if there is a special reason why the Devil asked them to choose me?” He added.

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Meanwhile, Nigerian singer cum pastor, Okose Emmanuel, formerly known as Soul E, has told single ladies that their destined husband might be a married man.

The former singer, in a video circulating on social media, said many women are still single because they don’t understand this ‘truth’, and if they are not careful, they might remain single for the rest of their lives.

He explained that if a man marries a woman that’s not his destined soulmate, when he eventually meets the woman that he’s destined to marry, his marriage will become turbulent to give room for his true soulmate.

After establishing this ‘fact’, Soul E advised single women to be sensitive enough to discern when a married man is their destined husband and if they discover that he’s the one for them, they should hold on to him tight.

“If there is anything I understand about God, is that God works in mysterious ways. A lot of women are single today because God has actually sent their husbands but he was a married man.” He said.

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