A Nigerian lady has narrated how her cleaner told her she can’t come to work because she was under the influence of a drug or alcohol.

The lady, identified as Grace Chibueze-Okere, took to Facebook to reveal that her cleaner didn’t show up to work so she called her phone repeatedly to ask for the reason behind her absence but she didn’t pick up.

Much later, the cleaner sent her a text message saying she was still hungover from the drug or alcohol she took the previous night and needs time to fully recover.

Grace who seemed dazed by the cleaner’s response, pointed out that the cleaner gets paid for her job and questioned if she’s supposed to make provisions for when she’s high.

She wrote;

“Not my cleaner sending me a message that she can’t come to work after I called severally, that she got high the previous day and still down, it’s not free o, I pay her salary, so I should make provisions for her high days. Interesting times!”

Nigerian lady narrates

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