A Nigerian man on Twitter took to the platform to narrate an “unusual” encounter he had while using the social media app.

According to activist, Sani, he “accidentally” watched a 4 mins porn video that came across his timeline and because of that, he wonders when Twitter developers will ban people from sharing sexual contents.

He wrote,

Accidentally watch a 4 mins porn video that cross my timeline this morning. When will twitter ban people from posting sexual contents on the timeline??

In a follow up tweet, obviously after people had confronted him for his bizarre statement, as he could have stopped watching the porn video and kept scrolling rather than watch the full 4 mins video, Sani revealed that he’d opened the video only realize it was porn and when he tried closing it, his phone hooked.

He wrote,

I don’t think the people replying/quoting this tweet realize what a traumatizing experience this is for me as a Muslim. Opening a video only to realize that it’s porn and just when you’re about to close it , your phone hook and refuse to close and you’re forced to watch it

Stop judging me it wasn’t intentional. Let me worry about the sin that comes with it. Dragging me is so unnecessary and unsympathetic tbh. I have a lots on my plates right now. You’re only going to break me if you keep judging

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