You could easily obtain an academic support fund for your personal and academic development needs via the 2018 Skusat CBT Contest.

Here is a great opportunity to win cash prizes online by simply using any internet enabled device to participate in an online test which has been scheduled to hold on the 28th of April. Feel free to use your mobile phones, PC or tablets to partake in this program from any location (the test will be remotely monitored via your IP address).

Skusat has been ranked the best educational campaign brand in West Africa sequel to its positive impart on thousands of young individuals and the innovative cloud technology being adopted for its programs.

To enroll for this ongoing edition, submit your application online before the 13th of April for review and consideration.

The Live Test (Online IQ Assessment) will consist of 30 intuitive and logical questions and successful applicants will be rewarded on the 4th of May.



Eligible applicants will be prompted via SMS on the 14th of April.

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“This might just be the opportunity to make your dreams come alive, so make hay while there is still sun.”


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