Oh the disgust! Lord take this image away from my head please! How will you cook your menses for someone to eat?! Lord have mercy!

This story was sent to ‘Relationship Matters In 9ja‘ by a girl who sleeps with married men, cooked for her boyfriend with her period and also wants to marry her married ex.

Read below:

“Helo Rmi9, am posting thru a friend’s account.. I am 23 years, fresh graduate and am into entertainment. I model and dance.. All my life i v only dated young married men, just the 3 of them by the way.. They take care of me and i do the same.

They were all responsible cz they always took proper care of their wives..I broke up with my last guy cz i started developing serious feelings for him and i didn’t want to break his home and he was always all over me.I never had time for single guys but later i started reconsidering it cz i will get married someday and i started dating this single guy..

He is comfortable and always brought out money when necessary.I wasn’t so demanding cz my dancing and modeling was paying.. I tot this idiot was the one for me until he cheated on me with a girl he claimed was from his hometown.. He even had the effrontery to bring the girl home and slept with her on our bed… I was mad that night, i made sure i broke his laptop and wanted to tear down his flat screen on the wall before he held me…

I was hurt and fortunately for me, my menses started the next morning cz he stupidly tot i was ok after he begged me that night, so i used it to cook for him cz i heard it makes guys purge and he purged that morning… He could v died for all i care, the heartbreak was too painful.. I made sure i ate his money well before i dumped his sorry ass.. All these irresponsible broke single guys that will v a gf and still be sleeping with other girls. Totally immature..

The problem now is that my ex married guy wants to marry me and i have agreed.. The wife is making life hell for him but he is a good man and the only guy that understands me. I am not sure i will meet another person like him. I love his two cuties and am sure i will be a good wife but this wicked woman doesn’t want to give him a divorce, i don’t know what to do??

They v separated now. He said he no longer wants the marriage and his family knows but the wife is still claiming that she loves him. Judging from what I heard from him, he has never been happy in his marriage and am willing to make him happy. No insult please.”


  1. Gal u wicked oooo one thing u should know is dat relationship is not a do or die affair if it doesn’t work out keep trying you will find someone who deserves you and stop doing thing dat are not for god..

  2. every person has he/she own partner. God doesnt create you to be alone forever. i believe a brand new product is better than an already used one. the fact that we have fake product doesnt mean there is no original. someone that can cherish you is out there not the married ones only.1 be born again 2. only watch and pray. God is faithful to bring the right single one your way. If what u want is for the man to divorce his wife. he will divorce you one day too. repent. Godbless U.

  3. Na wa o. Yabaleft. Have u 4gotten u used dis same pix to portray a boyfriend dat prepared warm water 4 his bae nd even washed d bedsheet wen he woke up nd saw her lyk dat? Hw cm dis same pix is having anoda headline. Nor use ur hand spoil ur Mrkt o.

  4. Yabaleft or right are you sure this story is Real? Anyways what I have to say to the poster is if you can use you menstrual blood to cook for your boy friend as a revenge, that means when you finally gets married to your sugar daddy sorry I mean no insults but that is what I will call him since he is someone’s hubby, you will use your excrete to prepare food for him whenever he offends you. Mteeeeew nonsense story. Nexttttttttt

  5. NICE!!!! WOW!!
    FOOLish men, they shay die in the hands of dirty,Demonic Creatures called women.
    When we say accept gay marriage then Some of them will say No!!!
    Imagine what has just happened to this man?
    I swear! The worst is yet to come but their safety rely only if they accept gay marriage.
    THANK God they’ve started seeing the consequences of disobedience.
    Proudly gays.
    I am a #gay right activist.

  6. Your story has many branch,, your boyfriend is cheating on you and that is y you use menses to cook for him,because you’re also a cheater ,you always meet someone that is cheating more than you do.
    That is good,you no your followed cheater……your expectations is for the married man that you are dating should divorce is wife..I no you ask him to do so,….my dear you will die, if you try it.because your under a case

  7. Not everyone will marry #Fact
    The wicked will have their reward beginning in this life #fact

    Keep on cooking with your Mens……..
    Keep on dating married men……

    In the end, let’s see who will loose woefully with shame..
    The reward for your evil is piling for you..
    It’s better you repent

  8. Hehehe..come and see ooh, my world people.As crazy as this sounds, it happens. If you hear some side chicks confession, me as a lady sef dey fear for our men. Men will come here now, pick their lines and leave, you better learn before some ‘Crazy girls’ put your generation into boundage……#Desperate_girls_everywhere!!

  9. Your sins will definitely catch up with you. You had the mind to cook with your menstrual blood for ur bf, already, u have cooked ur foetus and you must have to beg for Gods forgiveness before you will have a child.

  10. Yaba nonsense.. Fuck you, how cld you just gather unreal infor just to seek attention n for peeps to think you are really doing ur job! Chai, this is not the change we voted for o

  11. “The problem is that his wife doesn’t want to give him a divorce.” Sounds like someone who is out to put asunder on what God has joined together. My sister, you need to give your life to Christ!

  12. D Bible says God made man in his own image and likeness… Sometimes I keep asking my self if some people are really God’s image…considering d kind of evil things DAT happens in dis world today,,,I can’t help but wonder if Satan does create and not only God…dis lady’s evil deeds for no reason at all,,,,,,is just out of line…..seriously ….God pls help ur children !!!!!

  13. This particular picture was up some timez ago.. Educating girls on cant realy recall but it was an information on healthy life style while on our period…. So yaba rubish if u pple dont v more stories cant u rest….. Must u lie….. God will punish u pple….

  14. Yabamiddle fake stories everywhere, i av seen this same messes picture saying guys should always love there gurl even wen they are on their monthly flow, it’s also talks about them going to get sanitary pads and help her clean up wen she got stained.. Which one cum be the fake story again, GOD is watching u on cctv Yabamiddle

  15. You used your menstrual blood to cook for a boy you are not even sure if he wants to marry you all in the name of cheating with a girl, and you don’t care whether he dies or not, so what do you what your sugar daddy’s wife to do to him and you.

  16. God loves you, repent and give your life to God and you will be free. There are a lot of single guys looking for single ladies like you to settle down with. With God all things are possible.

  17. pls kill ur self as she is not accepting divorce husband snatcher. confusionist and criminal pls make sure u hand ur self soon and devil help u. u need advice

  18. Pls young girl that date married men, stop and wait 4 ur Mr right ok? God will give u what belongs to u and not another’s. Menses is a sacred thing and that’s y God made it possible for every woman to see it every month, so using it now to Cook 4 ur fellow human being is absurd. Is a great sin u hv just committed, so, I advice u to ask 4 forgiveness to God and d boy in question and repent from such things u are getting urself involve with before it gets out of hand. God bless u

  19. U are 23yrs and u are a dancer&u model too, u cook for ur bf wit ur menstrual blood bcos he cheated on you & u want to teach him a lesson. Sorry to say but u are wicked, u r breaking another woman’s home bcos of d bad things ur sugar daddy told u about her u are a fool. If u get married u r d kind if woman that will be following ur husband around to see if he is cheating on you bcos u did d same to people’ husband and if he did u will kill him and d girl. Look you at u at ur young age. U have a lot to learn, what u did to people’s husband people will do worse to you. U have no experience at all u r still a child go and learn from ur mother do u think marriage is a child’s play?

  20. I don’t ask for advice cz life in self is a lecture !!! Leave it or love it treat ur self same way u treat people for me am not in support for u using ur period to cook for ur boyfrd. It’s a curse. Has for the married Man u date it’s okay buh saying yes to him in eye of GOD is a bad one ☝️ cz me I do date married men. So be careful cz he will do same he do for first wife.

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