Nigerian singer Portable has expressed appreciation to popular rapper Olamide for his role in helping him succeed in the industry.

In a recent interview with the Afrobeat podcast, Portable stated that his distinctive style has helped him become known, and he highlighted Olamide’s crucial contribution to taking him from the streets to the top.

Portable sent a sincere statement in which he emphasized Olamide’s unwavering support and faith in his abilities, which propelled him to previously unheard-of heights in the music industry.

Portable reminisced about the times when he would play at gatherings for just N200.

He told Olamide how much he appreciated his sincere offer to sign and support him without any strings attached. Even though many doubted his ability, he commended the YBNL boss for providing him with opportunities.

In his words;

“If not for Olamide, I would’ve still been on the streets. I went to London and collaborated with the best rapper in the UK and it’s all thanks to Olamide. When nobody believed in me, you told me that I was gonna make it and I’ve made it bigger than I ever thought.

Olamide is a boss, he sponsored me without signing me and never asked for anything in return and that’s why I respect him so much. Some people use me to do bläck business but Olamide is the only guy in this industry who showed me love.

Olamide paved the way for me, he’s my boss and God used him to bless me. I’m from streets and I’ve been through a lot but I thank God for sending Olamide to me. I used to perform for N200 before Olamide helped me and he didn’t rip me like most people do in this industry.

Paving the way for someone doesn’t only mean inspiring them, but it involves making things easier for those who come after you and that’s exactly what Olamide has done for a lot of artistes.”

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