Nigerian LGBT rights activist, Pamela Adie has reacted to the viral topic of men abandoning their families and shared a sad story about her cousin.

Taking to the microblogging platform, Pamela disclosed that her cousin’s husband left home under false pretenses and made away with her life’s savings.

According to her, the woman had to raise her children on her own for over 20 years and the man never returned.

She wrote;

“My cousin’s husband told her he was traveling to pursue a football career. She raised money for him, gave him her savings. This guy left her and two babies and never came back. The two girls are graduates now; raised by their mother. This thing is very real and it’s so terrible.
He abandoned them. No calls, no letters, no communication. They had no idea where he was. When she called his family, they didn’t tell her where he was but said he’s alive. He just up and left. Just like that. When I think of how she suffered to raise these kids, I get so mad”

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