A pastor in Uganda has sparked outrage after spending big for his wedding held yesterday in the country.


The wedding of Pastor Jimmy Luka and Blessing Elizabeth Mulungi, is said to have consumed over Shs500 million (₦45 million), according to multiple reports.

The couple wedded at prophet T.B Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations SCOAN, where the groom is a pastor. From there, they were transported in a convey of luxury Hummer cars to their reception with lots of dignitaries in attendance.

Now social media users have reacted to the ‘extravagant’ spending…… More photos….







  1. Hahahahhahah…..I laugh in Swahili…. I can’t wait for judgement day to come..so that people will defend their pastors they way they are defending them now…I only know myself and I don’t know odas..but people will defend their pastor as if they follow their pastor to their secret..as of they know wot they do in secret..as if they know the kinds of thoughts they have in heart…. I can’t wait to see that day….haha

  2. God dy look una o, instead of u pipl to follow his footsteps u pipl are doing other wise… Today is Sabbath day I get to keep it holy no need of talking much but the truth remains…. I came here to read comments if you are here for same hit the like button..

  3. If dey like make dem spend 50 trillion, marriage na marriage. U nor go fit customize the place wey dem go read for bible for u. Pipo go eat , drink and at d end of the day toilet u must go. So nothing special, I just dey pity for those wey enslaved themselves to all these holy thieves that call themselves pastors

    • Na wa for people ooo,,,,,na T B Joshua turn,,,,this pastors are making waves,,,,,many people fathers are leaving like Methuselah in d Bible,,no impact ,,nothing to show they exist,,,,but they come to Facebook to insult people father,, na wa ooo,,,,haters abeg make una go baf jor

  4. They said the wedding cost 45million, who said? Stop carrying fake news around. And even if it’s true, I don’t see any thing wrong with that. Der is no best celebrated wedding ceremony anywhere in the world , If you care spend 100 thousand, 50 thousand or 1billion on ur wedding. The most important thing is that you guys are married (joined together). And also for it to last

  5. Why should pple be drinking panadol untop anoda pesin Headache.he spent 45million and itz already church money?..Nawa o…Its his wedding and he decides how much to spend and not urs.Poor wedding pple go complain oya naa una don c expensive wedding still una dey complain..Mtchew.. Abeg future hubby if u cn afford 100billion wedding,lets go dia if na 500 thousand own,oya alter here we cum!!..God bless ur union pastor.

  6. Yabaleftonline. Com for you information, how much that they spend on their wedding doesn’t matter or how many people attend their weddinb doesn’t matter but what really matter is how they live together in their matrimonial home without any problem. So, stop telling people how much they have spend because, nobody cares about how much they do spend ok.

  7. Yabaleft,Na so una go dey lie lie….beware,God is watching o! TB Joshua’s pastor?….wot he has are wise men,and they take after his looks. Non of his wise men can look like ds, wit bald hair lols. Ds is pure lies.

  8. Is not all about d ellaberate of d weding or d hug amount spent but is all about d success of d togetherness of the two parties, if u like spend all d money in ds world, no matter hw d weding shak d city, after few hour all d guest will go der house & d real marriage started.

  9. I don’t think TB has other pastors , so please if u are trying to criticize him u better stop now, u don’t have to be jealous over someone who has planned his wedding if u have the money for ur wedding u spend it and if u don’t have that type of money for ur wedding u kuku ma manage period.

  10. If the unrighteous can leave big.i don’t know why those who believe in God can’t. May God help you people. You wish children of God to remain poor or beg for food you are a liar. don’t judge anybody think of your self if you will make heaven. Every body will give account of themselves


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