We all love a good PR stunt. Admit it, we all do. From Cynthia Morgan’s horrendous smoking child photo, to Skiibii’s unforgivable death episode, PR stunts get us all riled up And also possesses the power to make people who actually fall for it a bit stupid. Just a bit.

Psquare are gods of PR stunt, cementing this position after they whipped up sentiments about their split in 2014, before running back together and conveniently releasing the album, ‘Double Trouble’.

Nigeria felt scammed as the twins announced the title, and many promised never again to go through the same brain-damaging and esteem-killing traumatic experience.

Now, Peter and Paul Okoye are currently aiming to do a double over fans, as they have escalated their old trick, throwing in other members of la familia – Jude Okoye, and Cynthia Morgan (who already has a knack for these things).

But we do know better. Right before they claim another victory over our intelligence, we have decided to come out and tell the world that WE KNOW!!!

And to rub it in, we have cooked up 5 creative album titles to save the twins the stress.

Why are we doing them this favor? Seeing that they have ploughed through our brains before and want another chance?
It’s because we are good guys, and that’s what good guys do.

1. Nwanne (Brother Jude)


This should be the perfect reconciliation album, and selling it with this title will be a no brainer. They simply say, it’s an album inspired and dedicated to the man who has been a father figure to them.

The same man that Peter Okoye allegedly wants his head on a platter of gold. Turns out reason prevailed over anger and they have a recorded album for him. That’s how to sell it.

2. Since Mama Die

“If their mother was alive, this drama wouldn’t be happening.”

That’s what everyone is saying, and the Okoye brothers might just decide to come through with it. Emotion sells, and this might just be the perfect title to inspire record sales.

3. Back To Jos


After so much battling in Lagos, the city where family values are eroded, and the pursuit of money makes men demons to their brothers, the Okoye brothers take a deserved trip to their roots in Jos.

They spend time together, remember the good old days before the money and the fame, and reunite.
This actually brought tears to my eyes.

4. Double Wahala


Psquare are cheesy. We know that, our mother knows that, our dog knows that, even our dead homies know that. Everyone knows that.

They would brilliantly name their album “Double Wahala”, making them the best creative twins in the history of Nigeria.

5. Unity

PSquare (1)

This speaks for itself. It shows strength in character, and points to all the good things of life. There would also be a title track with the chorus bearing the lyrics.

“Divided we fall, united we stand, yeyeyeyeyeyeyeye, my brother Jude, Peter and Paul, they be one no be three.

Article from PulseNG

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