Former presidential aide and author, Reno Omokri recently took to his Instagram page to share a lovely video of his daughter and in his caption, added her Igbo name.

He wrote as caption,

“Cuteness overload from my daughter, Ebelechukwu!

After he uploaded the video, an Instagram user took to the comment section of the post to question why the author gave his child an Igbo name instead of an Itsekiri, Ijaw, or Urhobo name.

Upon seeing the query, Reno sent out a response, see below,

Reno revealed that he wonders why people still engage in internet fraud when there are several legitimate means of making money online.

The popular social media commentator took to his Instagram page to share his thoughts. According to him, crime is not worth engaging in in 2021 because the internet is filled with legal opportunities.

Reno went further to suggest ways people can make money online. He wrote,

The Internet is rich with legitimate means of making consistently clean money that I wonder why people still do Yahoo and 419. Crime is not worth your time in 2021.

You can live the John 10:10 life without being a Hushpupi. YouTube paid $10.5 billion to YouTubers in 2020. Affiliate Marketing generates $7.5 billion annually. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and On Demand Publishing can put literal millions (of US dollars) in your pocket.

Taking surveys and answering questions can pay all your bills. Look at me, I am a living witness. You do not have to be a crook. Get in the right game and avoid the wrong fame!

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