A secondary school student was caught in her school with a local gun she allegedly planned to use in shooting one of her teachers.

The girl, reported to be a student of Government Secondary School in Ikot Ewa, Cross River State, was asked by a teacher to cut her coloured hair and she was allegedly angered by this.

Subsequently, she arrived at school with a gun. A Twitter user, @seundreew took to the microblogging platform to share, alongside photos,

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She went to school (Government secondary school Ikot Ewa) with a gun to shoot her teacher for telling her to cut her colored hair?



  1. she was caught? rather she intentionally got caught|| does anyone know there is difference ..
    neither siding anyone nor supporting the student rather clarifying IF one get intention of killing another, would have done so without anyone knowing THAN significantly want to scare someone from either oppress or disturb another..

    Nigeria news


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