The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has witnessed a disturbing inflation rate of 16.5% according to the National Bureau of Statistics report for July, 2016 which has further impoverished the masses he was voted to give a glimpse of hope and survival.

Apparently, this inflation has also affected the “Olosho Market”. Lol

Below is a Whatsapp chat between a prospective client and an online prostitute based in Lagos State made available exclusively to Tori News:








In a survey through the participant observation method conducted in Festac Town area of Lagos as well as on trending social media platforms, startling details showed s*x prices have suffered about 60 to 100% increment with the key players blaming the Buhari administration for the towering hike.

Some ‘regular’ commercial s*x workers around 1st and 6th avenues in Festac charge up to N4,000 to N5,000 for a ‘short time’ package which is for only one round. The former basic price for such pleasure service around December, 2015 was N2,000 or N3,000 depending on the beauty, body structure and taste of the s*x worker in question.

An all-night affair either in a hotel or a personal apartment will cost a whooping sum of N10,000 to N15,000 and even N20,000 with the basic ‘street’ terms and conditions in application.

This service before the doomed fate of the naira and the current inflationary trend ranged from N5,000 to N7,000. The s*x workers have also being so vicious and strict during negotiations compared to the friendly and appealing antics put up in the past which could be adduced to the level of discombobulation faced under the technical recession being experienced in the country.

The online market seems to have witnessed massive deregulation like the oil sector in the country. Social media platforms like, app,,, Instagram and a host of others have been saturated colossally by bleaching ladies scantily-clad to send encrypted business messages to potential customers.

The ones with conspicuous natural endowments such as pawpaw-like boobs and gargantuan bums have a field day displaying their merchandise with men trooping in for the pleasure business.

A concerted study on the application (insta chat) which is a messenger app for people in the Instagram community revealed pleasure sessions have gone up to N30,000 to N35,000 in a venture that didn’t cost more than N7,000 to N10,000 in the past. Most of these ladies adamantly defend their price tags which they term ‘non negotiable’.

Some ladies due to low patronage during the week days which are taken earnestly in Lagos volunteered to take as low as N10,000 to N12,000 for a short time package of simply two rounds during the day.

Coughing up these sums for money for low income earners especially in Lagos where just over 20% of the working population earn over N100,000 as monthly salaries has been excruciatingly inconvenient against the backdrop of a compelling s*xual urge which could be herculean to regulate among randy men.

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