Reality TV star, Victoria Adeyele popularly known as Vee reacts to the provocative performance of “Soso” crooner, Omah Lay and a female at a recent concert in London, United Kingdom.


Apparently, the female fan was called to the stage by the singer to perform together on stage. She attended the concert with her boyfriend, who watched the alluring performance looking disheartened.

Vee stated the boyfriend did wrong for staying at the concert to watch his girlfriend perform with Omah Lay, he should have left immediately the lady got on the stage.

She tweeted,

“If they truly are in a relationship, the only mistake that guy made was not leaving the venue as soon as she got on stage. I hate embarrassment so much. It’s not even funny. It triggers something inside me”

The reality star termed the performance to be unpleasant and embarrassing.

The video has stirred controversy on social media, with many criticizing the lady for embarrassing her boyfriend publicly.

See reactions,

@rosythrone For someone who publicly disrespected her man, she belongs to the street cos she doesn’t even value her relationship to start with.

@iam_ddr No respect for self, no respect for her man! She belongs to the main road

@omalichawa It’s the way u guys loose your value and self respect around celebrities for me 💔

@the_mahtilda Just imagine he also paid for these tickets 😩💔



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