Just like yesterday,  SnappyExchange  started with just a few registered members, trading on the website, and it seems there wasn’t going to be any bright future for the platform.

However, God being so faithful, the company grew from just one staff to over 20 staffs within a space of 1 year and  with massive achievement.

It’s indeed a great joy to announce to the world that snappy exchange is now a year old, and its anniversary is today!

About SnappyExchange

Snappyexchange is a website for the trading of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency.

And not only this, you can as well redeem any type of Giftcard, and trade it for cash on the website.

Other things you can do, include, buying airtime and  internet bundles.

And you know the angelic aspect?

The website has a means, whereby people can make up to 100k monthly by performing some tasks for the platform.

Sounds interesting right?

Perhaps it’s time to start making this amount of money as a side income every month (More explanation on how to do this, later in the article)

The integrity and honesty of the platform have uplifted the company among other platforms in this field.

It’s well known that there are many websites in this field, who are into cryptocurrency trading, and their main mission is to rip people off their coins.

However, SnappyExchange has been able to set a difference.


All thanks to God almighty, and to the over 10,000 registered members of Snappyexchange, for the achievement that has been achieved within this short period the platform began operation.

However, we believe if not for the integrity of the company, snappyexchange wouldn’t have been where it is today.

Snappyexchange started exactly  June 1st 2020  with just one staff and few customers.

And what about today?

A whopping over 10,000 duly registered customers and counting, and over 12,000 instagram followers .

Snappy Exchange also signed 3 different influencers within the space of 1 year




Our loyal customers made all these possible and we say thank you because “our success depends on users successful transactions.

We are committed to building a convenient, safe and easy ecosystem for all our users as we know that when our users are stronger, so are we.

Thank you for trading with SnappyExchange For the past One Year”

It’s a whole lot of celebration.

In addition, snappyexchange has been able to reduce the rate of fraud in the cryptocurrency trading market in Nigeria.

Over a couple of years, there has always been news of people getting scammed of their cryptocurrency when they are about to trade it

What Is Being Done At SnappyExchange

At snappyexchange, certain tasks are being performed, and one of them is the exchange of Bitcoin, and any other form of digital cryptocurrency for cash.

And not only this, you can trade your gift card for cash on the platform, you can buy your airtime or Internet bundle.

In addition, you can as well make money by working for the platform.

There are many individuals out there who are clueless about why they should invest in cryptocurrency.

The reason and importance of investing in cryptocurrency are so enormous, that it’s advisable for everyone.

What’s Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is what is known as a digital currency.

With cryptocurrency, you have your cash converted to online cash, which means it has become digital.

And you know the angelic part?

It continues to increase!

When you have your cash converted to digital currency, its value won’t remain stagnant, rather it continues to increase.

This is one of the juicy aspects of investing in cryptocurrency.

You can’t imagine keeping $5 in your bank account today and expect its value to become $7 in some months.

However, this is quite possible with cryptocurrency, investing in cryptocurrency can make the value of your money double or triple in no time.

If you invest money in cryptocurrency, you can expect its value to appreciate within a short period.

                        Importance Of  Investing In Cryptocurrency.

If you are not convinced yet about why you should invest in cryptocurrency, you will surely get convinced by the importance attached to it.

The below are the importance of investing in cryptocurrency.

Secure Funds: Investing cryptocurrency gets your funds secured, you have no worry about bank charges or its security, it’s %100 secured.

Increase in financial status: When you are in cryptocurrency, your financial status won’t be left the same way, because there will surely be an increase.

Just to let you know, if you invested just a thousand dollars in Bitcoin, 5 years ago, do you know the value would have become millions of dollars by now?

However, it’s never too late to invest in cryptocurrency.

Faster means of transaction: Cryptocurrency has a faster means of transaction, compared to all physical banks.


Also, physical banks will have to transport money from their branch to their main bank, and by doing so any harm could occur, based on the security of the location of that place.


An alternative source of income: Remember they saying, “no billionaire made it through salary?”

So exactly it is. Your salary can’t make you become a billionaire, however, with investment, you can become a billionaire.

Investing in Bitcoin or any type of cryptocurrency is an alternative source of income, which you can depend upon.

                                      Who Can Invest In Cryptocurrency

Anyone can invest in cryptocurrency and expect a return of profit.

Regardless of your gender, occupation, or nationality, you can invest in cryptocurrency.

And there is no better time to start investing in cryptocurrency than now.

Why Should You Choose Snappyexchange?

You may wonder why should snappyexchange be chosen among the multiple websites out there.

There are several reasons why you should do so, and among those several reasons are, and not limited to.

Trading with peace of mind
You have no worry, nor fear while trading on snappyexchange. You have full peace of mind.

Instant payment:
Nothing like delay, you don’t have to wait for days or hours, before you get your funds.

Once you’ve traded, expect your credit alert immediately.

Endorsed by popular news blog and Celebrities:

A lot of news blog and Celebrities has testified tithe genuineness of the platform and can be seen in the link below, such as

  1. Vanguard
  2. Dailypost
  3. Lindaikejisblog
  4. Punch.

24/7  Support Both On Website And WhatsApp:
Should you encounter any error, during your transaction on the website, there are dedicated staff to attend to you at any time.

You can chat with them either via the website, or WhatsApp, and they will instantly rectify any error you may encounter.

Physical Office Address:
Scam website won’t have that boldness to have a physical address but snappy exchange is located at 11,unity  Road Ikeja Lagos

Loyal Customers Get Free Monthly Box

As a sign of appreciation and reward, loyal customers stand to enjoy a surprise Monthly Box, at the end of each month.

Giving Back To Their Customers Via Snappy Token, and Referral Programs:

I said earlier in the article, that SnappyExchange also has a program for people to also earn money by performing little tasks for the company.

There are two ways by which you can earn money from snappyexchange, the first is via snappy token, while the second one is via referral program.

How To Make Money on Snappyexchange

The snappy token is always given out to Customers who perform a transaction on the website.

Once you’ve accumulated enough tokens, you can convert them to cash.

Another awesome way whereby you can make money from the platform is via the referral program on the Website.

Referral means telling people to use the website via your link, and you earn a commission for doing so.

Do you know you can earn up to 100k, via the referral program, from the comfort of your home?

You can make use of  Whatsapp post,Instagram post or Facebook to do this, or you use Facebook ads, as you know, the more people you refer to, the more money you earn.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the internet, with over  2.85billion users, as reported by Statista.com


This large population of users has made the platform the best place for advertisement.

How can you make your ads have a clear objective?

Start by using a picture that will demonstrate what the ads are all about.

There are some images, that once you see them, you will be forced to click on them because it will send a strong message to you.

Secondly, use explanatory content. Let your content tell the readers or users, what your content is all about.

With self-explanatory content. Readers will have a clear insight into what the ads are all about and will be forced to click on them.

Use Catchy Content:

Yes, you’ve created an ad, and done the necessary thing, which will make people feel convinced to either be interested in the product or not.

Let your content, let the audience know what they will benefit from by using the platform, starting from the amazing rates, instant transaction, 24/7 Support, etc.

Writing content free of grammatical errors is not what will make readers click on your ads.

With these, you will be able to make more than enough money from snappyexchange.


It’s a great joy, to see snappyexchange celebrating her first anniversary today, offering diverse benefits to people, with achievement.

However, we believe this is just the beginning, and there is still a far better future for Snappyexchange.

You can follow Snappy Exchange on all their social handles






To all the customers of snappyexchange across the country. We say a big thank you, to you all. We love you and keep trading your Giftcards,Bitcoin and other crytocurrency via  this trusted platform www.snappyexchange.com


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