Student caught

Maryam Hassan, a student of Lead British School in Abuja who was captured on camera bullying her fellow student, Namtira Bwala, has apologized for her actions.

A video shared online shows the moment she was brought to the school by her parents this morning, April 23, after the bullying incident.

This comes after multiple videos of Maryam and her friends assaulting the victim surfaced and went viral on social media on Monday, April 22.

Student caught
The victim, Namtira Bwala

In one of the videos, the students were seen taking turns to slap Namtira on her cheeks while she sat helplessly and didn’t retaliate.

“Who is the boy? What is the boy’s name,” they asked repeatedly while hitting her.

In another video, the same girl, Namtira, was seen standing defenseless as Maryam slapped her repeatedly while asking, “Who broke my heart?”.

The video has since sparked a huge outrage on social media, with many calling for the expulsion of the bullies and criticizing the school for condoning bullying attacks.

Student caught

The bully was brought to the school this morning, and the victim’s aunt couldn’t help but confront her for slapping Namtira.

The angry aunt charged at the bully, asking, “Did you give birth to her?”

Feeling remorseful for her actions, Maryam apologized but this wasn’t good enough for the aunt as she slapped her on the cheeks right in the presence of her family.

In the meantime, the school has been shut down for three days while they address the situation.

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