Sting of poverty

I have heard it’s thousand stories of lure,
It’s gory songs of allurement,
It’s many stripes apportioned an earnest fatality,
Still, it’s wave of effectiveness I overlooked.
Till it knocked the doors of my cabin,
With Disgusting sounds I dread.
Unprepared I was, my arms far from reach;
I had whittled down my guarded battalion of old;
So naked I stood, helpless to its smile of victory.
As I held back the shameful tears of unawareness,
It carefully strolled my path without an invite.
Swallowing all I have laboured meticulously for.
O that matchless glory I groaned daily to attain
Caught in it’s web my eyes are lifted high to behold.
At a pick of every dime, it sliced my bowels without mercy.
Stealing all I had, it nipped the patience of my very soul.
Crawling the ends of a wretched existence,
Scavenging like an indispensable beggar to life .
Without worth, lacking the thought of wants.
Left to contend with impecuniosity, penury, left impoverished.
I sought solace in a beginning I long to re-venture.
But it’s wrath tore me into pieces I’m yet to gather.
So stung to my very soul, cages mind and body.
To thee poverty I beckon with a humbled spirit,
Give unto me wealth’s sound of speech,
Pure freedom for a depressed soul to soar,
To climb heights of heaven forth the while
For my grieve is weak and smileth not;
And my pains has lost its Melody.
Let my shine rise to sparkle bright.
Relive me I pray thee, from thy wrath of death.
For carefully I seek thy mercies with tears

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By – Eedee Bari Bawoh

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