A Nigerian lady with the name, Raheemah Mahmud, has defended a bride against trolls who were mocking her for marrying a much older man.

Videos from the wedding of the bride, identified as Hafsah and her husband were shared by an Arewa social media account a couple of days back.

The videos were received with varying reactions as while some people hailed the couple, others mocked the evident age gap.

One user wrote, “Side effect of marrying a “woman-child”. Na you go just dey collect anything and everything wey your eye see. Age doesn’t determine your behavior, your state of mind does. This is sadly needless, un Islamic and distasteful,”

Another wrote, “I thought he was her dad”

“Nobody should come near my dad” another user warned.

And yet another said, “Granpa with no shame is all I see”

Taking to her Facebook page on Saturday, October 8, 2022, Raheemah said people to stop judging others without knowing them.

She also hinted at knowing the bride’s “story”. She wrote on her page,

“If only I could tell the story of this bride, the happiness you see in this video isn’t a mere one, these friends know what’s up but her story isn’t mine to tell.. Hafsah mu dai Yan Gyallesu are so Happy for you, May this man treat you absolutely right, May his home be yours in peace, love and understanding, amin. I wish people would stop judging others without even knowing them in and out but thank God man isn’t God.” she wrote.

Watch the video as you scroll and read reactions,

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