papi-2Welcome to another episode and the last episode of Tale of a Virgin Cougar, how has it been so far? I know you have all been enjoying each episodes, I could tell from the comments and all, Thank you for riding with me and I welcome you again to the last episode of this interesting Tale, I hope you all let it end here.

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Oh my God! What is all these happening? Why will Mrs. Williams say “we need to talk” and just hang up like that? What exactly do we need to talk about? Where and when are we going to talk about whatever we want to talk about? My head is aching abeg, let me get some sleep before all these headless thoughts drive me nuts.

Sleeping was very difficult, I was just turning in bed, couldn’t find a perfect side to sleep on. I was in bed blaming myself. Why did I go to Mrs. Williams house in the first place? I should have known it was a terrible idea and a staid risk but now the deed is done and I don cast, now Mrs. Williams knows I know her son and her niece. What is going to happen next, I don’t know. What are we going to talk about when she calls, I don’t know.

But really what is going to happen next, Lola calling me, Mrs. Williams calling me that we need to talk, later now Vanessa will call me too? I remember how it all started, I remember the night I met Mrs. Williams, I didn’t imagine things to turn like this between us. We have gone farther than I imagined, I mean we have kissed and all that, we even slept on the same bed, I didn’t imagine all that to happen this soon.

I also remember when Vanessa introduced Lola to me too, I thought it would be just a onetime thing, something like hit and never hit again, hit and run things. Didn’t know things are gonna end up this way, but am I to be blamed for all happening right now? You can’t blame me please.

Finally I was able to get some sleep, the night was shitty to me, and the dream was all crooked but the night managed to pass and I managed to wake up on the wrong side of the right bed as it was Lola’ call that woke me up from the bed, guess why she called me.

“Hello Baby, good morning baby, are you going to church today?” she called to invite me to her church, not just her church, their church. Mrs. Williams will be there too, Lola doesn’t even know what’s up. Church ko, church ni. I should now follow her to church again Mrs. Williams should see us together, laye baby kojo that is so not happening again.

“I am not going to church jare, I want to sleep today, don’t you know that I am still tired from yesterday sha” I said to her. Not like I was really tired from yesterday, I just had to drop an excuse for her so that I wouldn’t go to church with her. I know Lola wants us to get closer, I know she wants us to roll together now and get to do things together and hang out a lot, but really will that be happening? I have something going on with her Big Mommy if not for that I wouldn’t mind getting closer to Lola or getting to date her but I really can’t because of Mrs. Williams.

I wonder what she told Mrs. Williams about me, I wonder what they both talked about. My mind was still very much heavy, just couldn’t wait to hear what Mrs. Williams wanted to talk to me about. She didn’t tell me when or where we are going to talk, all she said was, “We need to talk”.

You people don’t really understand the kind of situation I am in right now, do you know how much I have dreamt about the relationship between Mrs. Williams and I, the kind of relationship I had imagined or the kind of closeness but everything seems to have crashed now. I don’t understand what is going to happen next between Mrs. Williams and I.

I know Omolola wants us together but I don’t know what is going on with Vanessa and her boyfriend, Elliot but I think they seem to be rolling together pretty much now. I am not even forgetting what Vanessa did yesterday when I saw them eating at the restaurant, I can’t say Vanessa is over me completely, she still probably wants to have something to do with me. But let me leave her and Omolola for now, what is going to happen between Mrs. Williams and I?

As I was in bed thinking about all these things, a friend of mine, Kingsley, whom we call General Wong, came to invite me to church, “Guy make we go my church today now”. I was just looking at him like ‘is it church that is doing me like this?’ “I am tired abeg, I will go next week” I said to him but he was still saying I need to go today.

“Guy, my church dey interesting gan o, and there is always a special package for first timers and enough fine fine babes dey my church too”. He was trying to toast me so I could go to church, you know, most times we go to church for these things. What is it that I want to be doing in the room sef, let me just go to church jare so that could take my mind off Mrs. Williams for a while. I just hope she is not hurting because I never meant to hurt her, all I ever wanted was to make her happy, to make her feel like good, to be that chilled drink for her thirsty soul.

I was not happy all through the day, but I went to church with General Wong and truthfully they had fine babes in the church and they gave us the first timer’s package as well, it was nice. I know you people want me to tell you the church name so you could go for the babes and first timer’s package as well but Nah. I even prayed about what I was going through maybe God could come through for a nigga or something, maybe God could intervene or what do you think, God should just take the wheel, I don’t know what I’ve found myself in.

The day was ending, Lola has called like 4 times already. She was calling and checking up on me. She told me she was coming back to her hostel that same day. She also asked if we could see later at night but I told her I had assignments to submit the next day. But when is Mrs. Williams going to call me again? Should I just call her so I could know what is really up with her because I’ve been expecting her call all the day and it never came through. I wish she was the one calling each time my phone rang, I really wanna talk to her.

I wish I could know what is going on with her, what she thinks of me now and to know if she still wants me or  what she wants with me now that she knows I know her son and also her niece. What could she be thinking of right now? When is she going to call sef, I really anticipate her call.

The next day was Monday and the day flew by; no call from Mrs. Williams, see you people shey I won’t call this Mrs. Williams myself now? This one she hasn’t called, it’s been two days now and no call, no text or anything yet. OK, this is what I am going to do. I will just chill till Friday and see what’s up, if she doesn’t call me before then I will call her myself, I have her numbers with me. I should just call her but the thing is my heart is singing Don’t.

Mrs. Williams has been in my thoughts ever since she has called me, my soul was wandering and I am wondering why my mind was thinking all sorts.  She was on my mind all day, even in my dream, she would creep into my nights and appear in my dreams. I dreamt all sorts of dream, I dreamt I got married to her and Elliot was my best man, Lola was her best lady, silly dreams I tell you. You know when something bothers you too much during the day it comes to bother you in your dream as well.

The dreams, the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions I was swimming in had me thinking, maybe I am really in love with Mrs. Williams, but am I in love. Wait first; could this be love? I mean can I really be in love with someone old enough to be my mom? Is that how love work? Does love work that way too? Maybe I found the love I was looking for in the first episode of this tale and I didn’t realize it, maybe I got what I was looking for in a whole different package and I didn’t realize it, like a blessing in disguise.  Maybe Mrs. Williams is the love of my life and I don’t want to admit it because she is way older than me, maybe?

But why do you people think I am this bothered about her? Why do you people think I am thinking about her this much, I mean she is all I think about every day. I don’t give a fuck about how Lola feels but I give too many fucks about how Mrs. Victoria Williams feels because I know the pain she is going through at home. I know the heartbreak her matrimony is triggering in her and I don’t want to add to it at all, all I want is to make her feel better, make her feel loved. Isn’t that what loving someone entails? When you love someone you care deeply yeah?

Lola has called me many times and she wants us to see but I have been avoiding her and I will keep avoiding her till I see Mrs. Williams and talk to her but what will I tell Mrs. Williams? Would I confess my love to her? Can I even tell her to her face that I love her? Is that even possible for me to say? Days went by and the week was ending, it is another Saturday again. It makes a week today that Mrs. Williams called me that we need to talk, now I am tired of waiting for her call every damn day, I should just call her myself and know what’s up.

To call Mrs. Williams will take all my balls. I should have called her yesterday but I couldn’t do it, I was too nervous to call her. I can’t do it all by myself, ordinary eyes can’t do it, you know they say you call the ones you love when you are high. Let me just get high and call Mrs. Williams. But get high on what? I don’t love to drink alcohol that much neither do I smoke marijuana or anything of such

I have heard a lot about marijuana, Indian hemp and all that, I heard it gives courage and motivation. Maybe I should just go smoke for that reason so I could talk to her very well, but no, if I smoke and run mad nko? I heard that shit can make someone mad, I should now smoke finish and turn to yabaleft somebody; no I am not doing that one. Let me just get drunk, that should do the magic too. So should I drink magic moment so our conversation can be magical? The talks could be flowing from where I don’t know. I mean, if I could booze up and call her that would be amazing.

I needed something that could give me guts to talk to her, to express my mind, to explain myself and make her understand some things about all that is happening. I mean I should let her know that Lola is my friend, we are just a thing – there is nothing serious between us, I need to tell her I don’t love Lola and also tell her that she is the love of my life.

There’s a lot to say to Mrs. Williams but how to say them is the problem, so I guess alcohol really has to come into this case maybe I will say all when I am drunk. I wanna be drunk when I call her, can’t say it all if I am not drunk. You know how it goes when you are high. So that Saturday I went to buy Magic Moment, I guess I had to run to do that drink so it could do the magic. The question is, did it do the magic or nah? Or was I just blabbing when I called her because the alcohol fucked me up? Read on my Dear readers, you will like what happened when I called. It’s quite fascinating, or it is left for you to decide, don’t forget this is the last Episode.

My roommates didn’t let me feel my trips very well as I needed to because they all pounced on the drink when I brought it to the room, but I took enough to be high. I don’t have to shayo to stupor you know, just little so I don’t call her and be telling her rubbish. I was beginning to feel the magic of the moment I was in after drinking magic moment, I was beginning to feel the trips, it was time to call her so I excused myself from my room and I went to somewhere quiet.

I knew I couldn’t call her on the number she first gave me, she gave me a new number to call her with, you guys remember that yeah? So I called the other number and it was switched off, oh my God, why is her phone switched off? It was around 4pm on Saturday, where could she be? Maybe her husband is around, I could remember she told me her husband doesn’t know the other number, but I really have to talk to her so I decided to call her old number, the last time I called that number I put her in problem, remember that? Will I be causing another problem now again? Only God knows.

The call went through when I called the other number, but she didn’t pick up the phone. Let me try and call one last time. I redialled the number and same thing happened again, she didn’t pick it. The booze was in my system and they were feeling useless in my bloodstream, I should be talking to her already, I should be conversating from my high already.

I just went to drink alcohol for nothing sha, the main reason for drinking the alcohol is not even happening. I felt like calling her continuously till she picks up but I couldn’t, I just had to stop after the second trial. I started singing a song that came through my mind, a song by Johnny Rain, 143, not sure you know the song but the song mollified me.  I was still singing this song deep when my phone rang and quickly I looked at who was calling me, lo and behold it was Mrs. Williams and I was happy as fuck.

Quickly I picked up the call and said “Hello Ma” no one answered, I said Hello again and then I heard a voice that sounds like Lola’s own, is it Lola that called back? Hmmm, wahala dey.

“Hello, Good Evening, My Aunty is not around right now, I will tell her to call you when she gets back” and she ended the call but wait please, who just picked that call? You heard what the person said right, please don’t tell me Lola just called me back with Mrs. Williams’s phone.

The voice sounded so much like Lola’s voice but I couldn’t believe such could happen. If it was Lola then this would be the end of the story, how will Lola call me back using Mrs. Williams phone, this is just bad, but let us all calm down first, maybe I didn’t hear right, maybe the magic moment is beginning to fuck with me more than it should. Maybe I am fucked up already with the alcohol I drank, but who could Mrs. Williams’s phone be with? I couldn’t think straight again, my mind was just floating and thinking of the impending problem if it was Lola that called me back.

My phone rang again just when I was about to go back to my room to go lie down on my bed. It was Lola that was calling me, immediately I saw the call I knew it was Lola that just called me back with Mrs. Williams’s phone, but what is Mrs. Williams’s phone doing with her.

As I picked the call, she called my name, I answered “Yeah”

“Ehn ehn, so it is you! Oh my God, I can’t believe this”.

What do you think she can’t believe, I don’t even understand what she is talking about, please can you Guys tell me what you think is happening here, because me I am ending this story here o, I am tired of writing “Tale of a Virgin Cougar” LOL

Written By inCognito Papi [don’t forget to follow me on Twitter/Instagram: – @inCognitoPapi Bless!!!]

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