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“Vanessa, isn’t that my Cousin at the door?” Lola asked Vanessa still having her face down and her ass up, nonchalantly Vanessa said yes. I knew if it was left to Vanessa alone, she wouldn’t want us to stop the movie we were acting, she knew she was about to be the main character.

Gently, I pushed her aside, and reluctantly I got up from bed and wore my trousers. They were both still in bed, looking at me like hunters looking at their prey that got away, both of them were looking like babies robbed of their chocolates.

‘So your boyfriend is Lola’s cousin?’ I didn’t face anybody, I just threw the question in the air take me out of the state of confusion I was in. Lola said yes, she pimped Vanessa for her cousin because he used to disturb her that he loves Vanessa and all that bullshit.

I turned to Vanessa ‘Boo, your Boo is outside, what’s going to happen?’ she hissed and said “Nothing is going to happen na, he will knock and knock, when he’s tired he will go” isn’t that too harsh?

Lola looked at her and said, “ahn ahn No o, we can’t just keep him outside like that, it’s not fair”. Doing something like that wouldn’t be nice at all, so I said ‘Come on baby we can’t do that’ as I finished saying this, he knocked again and said

“Baby I’m still outside o, I know you can hear me”

Come on, we have to answer this guy, ‘why don’t you let’s dress up and get back to the floor, continue playing our truth or dare’ that was what I suggested. We did like I said, Vanessa wasn’t happy about this at all. It was like her plan to make her unforgettable was scattered, she kept mute, and was on her straight face.

Lola and I went to sit on the floor, while Vanessa went for the door. I was sitting directly opposite Lola with the bottle between us. The wicked girl didn’t wear her panties back, she didn’t even bother to hide it, and she kept her legs opened. I knew she was trying to tell me “Nigga, don’t forget you’ve not been to my paradise”.

I tried not to lose focus, I tried to keep my head up, really I tried, in 60seconds I stared at her honey pot for about 55seconds, 5 other seconds my head was up, I tried, didn’t  I?

Vanessa opened the door; I was expecting the guy to vex, to really para for her for keeping him outside that long but he didn’t, “Baby, what’s happening now? Why have you been avoiding me? If there’s anything I’ve done tell me I’ll apologize” the guy was too blinded by love, he didn’t even notice some people were sitting on the floor.

“Elliot!!! Wassup???” Lola shouted like he came at the right time, she shouted like she was happy to see him, maybe she was sha, I can’t really say, she stood up and gave him a hug

“Lola Darling, so you’re inside, why didn’t answer when I knocked, have been calling you sef, where did you drop your phone?” Elliot said. Why didn’t she answer when he knocked? I was patiently waiting for what Lola would say.

“Don’t mind Vanessa”, when she said this my heart began to cut, my legs wanted to run, my head wanted to wear a helmet cause the guy might want to break my head, I thought Lola was about to cast us. Elliot is a light-skinned guy, tall nigga, you’d know he’s butty when you see him, he looks like one of those guys that spend 12 hours a day in the gym, and he has a great body.

I thought Lola was about to tell Elliot his Boo has a Boo; I was already getting ready to be beaten like my ass was the drum they used to produce Reggae Blues. I knew if fight was to happen between us he would beat me, one of his arms looked like my two thighs.

Lola continued, “Don’t mind Vanessa jare, we were playing truth or dare, she now dared me to kiss my boyfriend for 5 minutes straight, you came while we were kissing, we didn’t want to interrupt it”. Wow, Lola is a beautiful liar, goddammit, how did she cook that up, I was still hailing her in my mind when she told Elliot, “Have you met my boyfriend?”

When Vanessa heard this, her eyes dilated, she looked at Lola with one that of – ‘you better be careful eyes?’ Lola dragged Elliot towards me and introduced him, “Boo meet my sure cousin, Elliot” I greeted him, asked him what was happening. ‘Why don’t you come and join us, we were playing truth or dare’ I invited him to the game.

I knew he didn’t want to join in, I knew he really wanted to talk to Vanessa; his gaze was fixed on her all along. As he was trying to figure out what to say, Lola said to me, “baby, why don’t you let us excuse them to talk, let’s go to my room”

I was looking at Vanessa looking at me while Lola too was looking at her, I couldn’t say No, I had to leave with Lola, I agreed, told Vanessa and Elliot I’d see them around and I left with Lola.

Lola and I left the room, Lola told me we should go and ‘chill’ in her room, that she was the only one around. I knew we were not just going to chill, some other stuff was going to happen, I knew it.

I was walking down the passage, going to Lola’s room when I remembered I forgot my phone in Vanessa’s room, I had to go back. I’ve not even checked who called me while I was sinning sef. So I went back just to pick my phone o, I knocked, “who’s there?!?” Vanessa shouted angrily, ‘why is this girl vexing now?’ I thought to myself.

I told her I was the door at the door, she said I should come in, I went in, exactly as I predicted, her face was strong, her forehead was now shiny, I knew she was vexing and horny at the same time. Elliott was looking like someone who lost money, he knelt before Vanessa, asking for forgiveness of things he didn’t do.

“Please, help me talk to Vanessa, I don’t know why she’s angry with me, she doesn’t even pick my call anymore” Elliot looked at me with his damped eyes, I knew he really loved her, I could tell it was true love. I looked at Vanessa, ‘Sister, why don’t you have mercy on this big bros?’ I had to get into character; I had to act like I didn’t really know Vanessa.

That was all I said, I told them I came to pick my phone, I picked it and went out. As I checked my phone I saw 2 missed calls, both from Mrs. Williams, I only heard my phone ring once, was I lost when the other call came through?

I wanted to call back but I saw Lola was waiting for  me outside her door, the way she was standing I knew we were going to “war” inside, we were not going to just chill. I was moving towards her, when someone opened Vanessa’s door, it was Vanessa that came out.

She called me and said “if you like don’t be going to your hostel o, be going to Lola’s room, you hear?” she said it like she was gossiping about someone right in front of her, I was about to say something to her, but she was not interested she just shut the door.

Lola asked me what Vanessa said, I said ‘I didn’t really hear her sef, maybe she said I should wait for her in your room’ I didn’t know why I lied, I just knew I lied, it was probably because of what I was looking at, or what I was thinking of doing to her while we’d be chilling in her room.

Finally, Lola and I entered, we were still at the door, and she called me name in the softest way I could be called, she pushed my back against the door, she kissed me teasingly, while she was kissing me she was using her left hand to lock the door, her right hand on my little man.

She called me again, “I want you to show me everything you showed Vanessa, I want you to show me the reason why she can’t get over you, I want you to f**k me like you f**k Vanessa” I didn’t know what to say to her, I couldn’t even think, the way she was caressing me gave me amnesia, I couldn’t remember my past.

So instead of talking, I decided to show her, I pulled her closer but yet tighter, grabbing her ass and I was kissing on her neck, she was moaning right into my ear, dipping her warm tongue inside my earlobe, she was moaning like I was in her already.

Slowly and steadily, we kissed till we got to the bed; she pushed me to the bed, since she was only wearing her skimpy gown only, it took her millisecond to remove it, she was looking at me like a hungry cat, the dots on her two muchachas were erect and her palomita was properly and neatly shaved, it was very meaty, I knew eating it would be a very good thing to do.

She came for me, she was loosening my belt and as she removing my trousers she was talking to my Mutton dagger, “Vanessa’s rod, it’s time for you to back into action, you’ve got some work to do for me, the magic you do in Vanessa, you should come and do it in me too, I need you to fix me” I was a little bit freaked out while she was talking to it, she was really acting like a psycho but I was enjoying the tease.

When she finally brought it out, she looked at me and smiled, she went back to business. She tongue twisted on ‘Vanessa’s rod’ for few seconds then looked at me and smiled again. In my mind I was just thinking ‘why is this girl smiling like someone attacked spiritually’. She made sure I was totally naked, and she continued with the job, i.e. the blowing job.

She was doing well at this job, if my rod has a company she’d be the new manager, she was really managing it very well, she was doing this job like she wanted a promotion, before her Vanessa was the best, but she dethroned Queen V.

She was sucking on it like a hungry child sucking on baby feeder, it got to a point she was sucking it like she was told from the spiritual word to come with a bag full of my cum, you know how you suck mango to make sure all the liquid in it comes out yeah? That was how she was sucking me, she was sucking me like she would leave me with no cum in my cum sack.

This exclusive act of sucking took me to another level, I got to a realm I have never been to before. Finally, I busted. she knew I was going to bust soon but the evil babe didn’t stop, she continued, I busted in her mouth and she swallowed it all, she left me with no evidence of cumming, not even a single drop fell. How she drank it all baffled me, I began to see her as a possessed being, and I was looking at her like a witch, ‘maybe she was asked to bring someone’s cum in their gathering’ I thought to myself.

After achieving her mission she looked at me again and smiled, this time I couldn’t take the smile again, I had to ask why she has been smiling. “Did you love it?” it was extreme, I loved it. I told her yes, I loved it, she smiled again and said “won’t you reward me?” reward you for giving me head? I thought she was asking me to pay for her giving me head, but I knew she couldn’t be asking for money. So I asked her in what manner she would love me to reward her with

“I want to feel your tongue in me” she smiled again and this time it was a mischievous smile, since I had already thought of eating her, it didn’t sound like a bad idea to me.

I told her we should begin the feasting, I went down on her, I used my finger to do some testing, I fingered her and lowkey I checked if it would smell, that it looks clean doesn’t guarantee it’s cleanliness, I had to make confirm, I can’t come and put my mouth in dirty something, iranu, abasha.

I smelled my finger, it didn’t smell, that was like a green light for my tongue to go in. I substituted my finger for my tongue, I used my tongue to find my way to her clit, I slowly wiggled my tongue on it when I found it. She began to shiver; she held my hair like she was going to uproot it from my skull. I swam my tongue from her clit, I swam around the vulva, I introduced my teeth to her meat palp, like I was eating kilishi – I dragged it small.

She held my head tight under her, she didn’t want to let go, and they she was sounding, I couldn’t tell if she was moaning or mourning, I took my tongue back to her clit, she couldn’t hold it anymore, she began to shiver and moan louder, she couldn’t help the quiver in the sound she was producing, I knew she was about to cum, like a pouring sky, juice started pouring from her cum bucket.

I stopped for a while, and spooned her for few moments, made sure she was calm, she looked at me, this time she couldn’t smile again, she was too lost in the cloud to do that. I wanted to go back and continue feasting on her when she dragged me back to lie on top of her. I lied on her, I didn’t penetrate, I only hanged my hammer around the walls. She looked really tired, she looked really blown, she wanted to do everything before, but she looked like she has lost all the energy. What made her look that tired? Is it the orgasm or because she was shivering?

We made few eye contacts, at that moment, she looked really beautiful to me, she looked like a baby, she looked like she needed to be fed. I gently moved my waist up, of course my hammer followed, I opened her legs, and slowly… I entered the place without protection like I was 2 Face Idibia.

I wasn’t rushing it, I knew with the amount of pap I released earlier, it will take a while before I cum again. So I was going really slow, the slower I went the more her energy rejuvenated, as I was riding really slow she was gingered, she started whining on the bed, I was giving her, she was returning it, it was getting sweeter, I knew it was time to switch gear.

I was about doing this when I heard a knock on the door, I wanted to pull out but she held me back, she didn’t want to let go, the person at the door kept knocking, could it be Vanessa? Elliot or one of her roommates?

We had to stop, dress up and attend to the person at the door. It was one of her roommate, I acted like I was about leaving when she came in “Hope you’re not going because I’m around?” she said to me, I knew she was happy I was leaving she just wanted to be nice.

“I hope you know we have to finish what we started” Lola said to me while she was giving me my goodnight hug. Her honey pot was sweet and I knew I’d want to come get some again, I just smiled, didn’t know the reply to give her, “I already stole your number from Vanessa’s phone, I’ll call you”.

‘I’ll be waiting for you call’ I told her and said my goodnight.

I was on my way back to my hostel, it was then I started thinking about Mrs. Williams, I felt like I fucked up, I missed her calls and I didn’t see her, I was about regretting when I remembered the fun I had at Vanessa’s place, the threesome, and all that happened after. The fun was my consolation; I’d have regretted if I came back empty-handed or if I ended up fighting with Vanessa’s bf.

On my way back to the hostel I called Mrs. Williams, the phone rang for the first time, she didn’t pick… I called again

“Hello, who’s on the line?” I heard a thick voice, his voice sounded like he had money for dinner; his English was very sleek like he spent all his life abroad, he didn’t sound like the normal Nigerian men, I knew that would be Mr. Williams.

I didn’t know what to say, who will I say I am? Should I just hang up?

I did something really crazy, I’ll gist you about it in the Next Episode. #Bless

Written By inCognito Papi.

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