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Welcome to another episode of #TaleOfAVirginCougar by @inCognitoPapi. I’m sorry it took me forever to release this episode, and yes Exam was good, thank you guys for the wishes. To y’all copying and pasting Tale of a Virgin Cougar and claiming you’re the writer, weldone o…I’m coming for you pretty soon (the funny thing is they will copy and paste this one too. LOL)

How has it been so far? Entertaining yeah and full of suspense, Alright, for those of us thinking what’s the main point of this story? For those of us asking how come a Cougar is a Virgin, for those saying ehn ehn so what does this story have to teach us?

Just hang on, we are almost there, Tale of a Virgin Cougar is not just about errmm, the fun with Lola and Vanessa, not just about the threesome, it’s not just about the fun I’m yet to have with Mrs. Williams and the beguiling Sins we commit.

If you’re just coming, I welcome you to Tale of a Virgin Cougar; you came just at the right time. Check below for the link to foregone episodes.

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Days went by; still I heard nothing from Mrs. Williams. Weeks rolled by; Mrs. Williams still didn’t call. It was getting close to a month when I decided to give up, I decided to let go, and then I blamed it on fate. “Maybe nothing is meant to happen between us.”

Forgetting her was not easy for me, I just kept remembering the night I saw her, and how she swept me off my feet and made me crack a little fat in my trousers. Forgetting her was hard men, believe me it was hard.

How did I misplace the card she gave me? I stopped blaming fate and started blaming myself; maybe I was a little bit oblivious about it. My heart was sinking; that I might not see her again gave me heartache, just like when my first love broke my heart I couldn’t eat well (I used to eat like 5 6 times a day but it dropped to 3). I couldn’t sleep well too, I usually don’t dream but somehow Mrs. Williams has crept into my dream some few nights.

It was very early in the morning, I was still sleeping sef when my phone rang and my ringtone penetrated my soul thereby forcing me to jump out of bed. You remember my ringtone yeah? I don’t know why or how, I just felt there was something different about the way my phone rang that morning probably because I dreamt about her all night, maybe it was Mrs. Williams that was calling, that was how I felt.

With my sleepy eyes I quickly rushed to my phone, as I saw who was calling, I hissed. I already knew what she wanted, I picked up my phone grudgingly “Hello Sister Sandra, Good Morning” It was PrinceEasy’s girlfriend that called me, I knew she wanted to invite me to a fellowship ni, I just knew it because anytime she calls me it’s to ask me to come for fellowship or when she can’t reach her boyfriend.

She greeted me like she would greet her Father-in-law, usually if she wants to ask me to come for her fellowship she goes straight to the point, but that morning she was just beating around the bush, she asked how was my night like 3 times. She even asked if I have eaten and it was around 6:30 in the morning, it was then I knew something was going on “Sandra what’s happening? Hope everything is going on well with you, you want to tell me something?” I asked her straight up to know why she called.

It was when she told me what she wanted I understood why she was acting up. She said “Can I come with my Boyfriend to your place over the weekend?” For 2 weeks now me and My Guys has been going to my place over the weekend, to chill and all that. I was the only one around for that period, my Parents were out of the State for some weeks; they went to our Village to settle some family matters and my other sibling is in school, boarding school.

The 2nd weekend with my guys at my house was actually the maddest, one of my friends named Solomon but we call him King Solomon was around during that weekend. King Solomon is a straight up bad guy, Grade-A Playboy, if this Nigga was actually the real Solomon, He’d have 7000 concubines and 3000 wives. He’s bad like that.

King Solomon is the guy that chauffeurs us round the school; he’s the only one with car in my clique. So that weekend, as the chauffeur he took us home… we were drinking and stuff when he suggested us to bring our babes in. I knew I was not going to call Lola or Vanessa, I have been avoiding them for reasons I can’t even explain and they were the only “Sure Babes” I had.

I told them to go and get their ladies that I’d be home putting things together, PrinceEasy also knew his babe wouldn’t be a part of something like that so he didn’t even try to reach her or call her to ask, he decided to just stay home with me too and wait for them to go get their Shawties.

While King Solomon and my other friends went to get their girls, we were just checking things, if we still had enough Liquor and Stuff. PrinceEasy wasn’t looking all that happy, I knew he’d have loved to just chill with his babe over the weekend too.

I tried talking to him, thought him some moves he could make to talk her into following her the coming week, at least he already got her to kiss him. It’s a gradual process; it all starts with a kiss yeah? He said he’d try and talk to her. He talked to me about Vanessa and Lola too, he asked me who I was seeing now, I told him none of them that I don’t want to go too deep in their circle, and a Nigga might be fucked up in due course.

It took my guys almost forever to get back and on getting back the number of girls I saw with them shocked PrinceEasy and I. Apparently the girls they called their friends and probably their friends called their friends too. You know girls pull that stunt a lot

“My Boyfriend is coming to pick me, we are going to his friends place for the weekend” that’s probably what one of them told her roommates and her yeye roommates too will be like “and we’re not doing anything over the weekend o, can we come with you, hope your boyfriend friends are handsome and rich, will there be food & fun there?” That was how I pictured the whole thing went down.

Thank God they were wise enough to get more liquor and stuff, I didn’t like that the house was filled with friends, booties and liquor at first, because if my Mum should come and see what we were doing in her house ehn I’m dead and my Dad would made sure they bury me right on the spot.

We really had fun that night; I met some new babes too. It was just fun. So we already made plans for the coming weekend. When Sandra asked if she could come with her Boyfriend over the weekend I knew he has worked on what we talked about, he might have just added little lies because I didn’t understand why Sandra would call to ask for permission to come over the weekend, she probably didn’t know we’d be throwing a mini party but what’s my business?

I told her No P, that I’d be expecting the two lovebirds in my place. Immediately we ended the conversation I called PrinceEasy to know why he told his girl to call me. I knew he must have lied for the Girl, he didn’t tell her other guys and babes would be coming to my place, he said he’d pretend he didn’t know.

Later that day, my friends and I discussed how the weekend was going to be, it was on Thursday. We were to go to my house the next day, Friday and turn the fuck up, TGIF something. We made our plans; we dropped our contributions and all that. Everything was set, we were ready to have a Wild Weekend.

Here comes Friday; The D-Day, we waited all week for it, it was Solomon’s call that woke me from bed, he had the highest ginger for the weekend, he even dropped the highest money sef. We are usually free on Fridays, no lectures… Normally all we do on Friday is NOTHING just Play Around and have King Solomon chauffeur us round the school goofing around.

That day there was no time to goof around, he came to my hostel in the morning to pick PrinceEasy and me, we went to get the other guys too and then head to my place. We had to do arrangement and settings for better parole; you know what I’m talking about na.

After everything was set and done, we went to the mall, to get some drinks, ice cream, chocolate and all those things that spice parties up, and of course we got condoms too… or rather they bought condoms, I didn’t because I knew I wouldn’t be getting any action.

After getting all we wanted and we were about leaving, someone called me with an excitement, like she was really happy to see me, could it be Mrs. Williams? Could it really be Mrs. Williams? The woman I’ve been dying to see for some weeks now, the woman I’ve been trying to call and has been not reachable for some weeks now, could she really be the one that just called me? But I knew that voice; it doesn’t belong to Mrs. Williams, who called me?

Her sweet voice caught the attention of everybody; the way she called my name sensually vibrated some strings in my brain. Turning back I saw that it was Lola and she was not alone (hehe) she was with Vanessa, not just with Vanessa o, Elliot was there too. Apparently he took his girlfriend and his cousin out.

To Elliot, I am Lola’s boyfriend and I barely know Vanessa, Lola came towards me and hugged me tight and she whispered to my ear “where have you been all these while?” (Where have I been? I’ve been up and down na, looking for Mrs. Williams? Haven’t I?) I just looked at her and smiled like I just got out of yabaleft, we both moved towards Vanessa and her boyfriend and I greeted them, formally.

My friends had already gone to wait for me in the car by this time and I didn’t drop the bag I was carrying with me, I was the one carrying the liquor. “What’s happening tonight? Where’s the party at, cause I’m sure you’re not drinking all these alone” Lola asked me.

What’s happening tonight? For few seconds I thought of what to say, so I said “You know King Solomon yeah?” I knew she doesn’t know King Solomon, she doesn’t even know any of my friends but she acted along, she said “yes now”. So I continued talking, I told her it was King Solomon’s birthday and we are having a small party at my place later in the night, “will you guys love to come?” I threw the question in the air.

It was after inviting them I just realised what I just did, did I just invite my Ex and her Boyfriend, and her friend to my place for a birthday party that will not be holding? As I threw this question in the air I saw life in the eyes of Vanessa, I knew she’d want to come to my place, also Lola too I could tell she wanted to scream yes right away, but Elliot was just indifferent.

He said “if your girlfriend would be going I could come with my Love too” As he said this, Vanessa gave him one of a kind look, like please don’t come with us o, we don’t want you. Lola said she’d definitely come, so they are all going to come.

Facing Lola I said “Ok baby, make sure you come with them tonight, I’d be expecting you. I really have to go now, my friends must have been waiting for me, we have a lot of preparations to do” I hugged Lola and waved at Vanessa and her Boo then I left.

When I was going to meet my friends in the car, I was just thinking “Nigga you’ve fucked up” Did I fuck up? But you know sometimes you just flow with whatever and you just find yourself saying what you shouldn’t say. I already said it, so I better start making plans on how I wouldn’t be fucked up later in the day.

Before I entered the car I remembered I didn’t buy condom because I thought I wouldn’t be getting any action later in the night, but now that Almighty Lola is coming I might be getting more than action, should I go get condom? No jhur I’ll collect from someone.

When I entered the car I told my friends what I had said, I told them I invited Vanessa, Her Boyfriend and Lola to come for a birthday party at my place, my Niggas are the surest, there and then they said we should kuku turn it to a birthday party and we should arrange for weed cake on our way back to my place. King Solomon said “God knows I needed to do my birthday again because didn’t have enough fun on my birthday, exam spoilt it” His last birthday came during exams so we couldn’t turn up very well.

We got all we needed, we set the house, for that night I turned my house to a club even Quilox wouldn’t compete, my Dad would be so proud of me if he sees the wonders I did with his sitting room. My parents didn’t say when they will be back but I felt they would call me before they come and if they suddenly show up, RIP to me.

When it was around 6’O Clock in the evening, PrinceEasy went back to school to get his girlfriend, my other guys too left to prepare and bring in their babes, since we turned the gathering to a birthday party, I called my DJ friend to come help us with music, we invited many other guys and babes too.

Around 8p.m my house was already filled, Vanessa and friends were not around yet, but Prince and Sandra was there (since the gathering was tagged Solomon’s birthday, Sandra was cool with everything happening, she wasn’t just drinking, but She will still eat the cake, LOL), Solomon too (the sudden birthday boy) was with his guys and babes, my other guys too, were kicking things.

We were all having fun, disturbing the neighbourhood; I knew they would report to my parents when they came back, all those streets gossipers, isn’t that what they do best. They would be like while you were away, your Son turned the whole street upside down, he was playing sound so loud the heavens could hear, you know how those street gossipers do na. All those big aunties in the neighbourhood that won’t face their own life.

Vanessa has been to my place countless times, but Lola hasn’t, how she passed the description to Lola I don’t know, I just know I saw Lola, Elliot and Vanessa. Before they came I was not really in the party mood, I was just dulling but somehow immediately I saw them, my mood was lifted.

They were still looking around, trying to find me or someone they know, I moved towards them, “Hey Guys, glad you made it!” immediately Lola saw me she, she hugged me tight and made me feel her airbags “Hey Baby, I see you’re having fun” because of party spirit, I hugged Vanessa too and gave Elliot the Niggas hug too. (You know sometimes when you see some people you don’t usually talk to in some places you just got to flow like you’ve been talking for years).

The party was on, Niggas were balling, babes were bubbling, and the Alleged Birthday Boy cut the cake, girls love cake yeah? They love to eat plenty of it, we let them eat it, we let them enjoy. We know minutes later they would all be fucked up.

Vanessa knew the kind of guys I roll with, she knew there would be something in the cake but she ate it regardless. Like 30 minutes later, the atmosphere changed, the party was lit, and my house was filled with wasted youths.

I was just sitting in the kitchen with Lola; we were talking and all that, getting along. Elliot came and told us he wants to start going, he asked if I’d be able to drop his babes (girlfriend and cousin) back to their place. “Vanessa said she still wants to hang around for a while, make sure you look after her” he said that facing Lola.

I walked Elliot to the gate, when I saw the car he brought I was oppressed, he must be OBO. “you stay in Biobaku yeah?” he asked me, “I think I’ve seen you in the hostel once or twice”. Wait, he stays in Biobaku too? “Yeah I stay in Biobaku, what about you?” He said yes. I asked for his room number and told him I’d come check him when I get back to school. “Alright Bro, later” he entered his car and zoomed off.

I went back inside, Vanessa was with Lola already, as I was moving towards them King Solomon came to meet me and said he’d love to talk to Lola, I told him no problem but I knew Lola wanted to spend time with me, Solomon was already tipsy, and the drunker he gets the funkier he becomes. We went to meet the babes, I introduced him, Vanessa knows him already, they greeted and all that. He was talking to Lola when Vanessa whispered to my ear, “I’m going to your room, come and meet me there”

She left; Lola didn’t notice that, King Solomon was all over her already. As I was going to my room to meet Vanessa, I saw Sandra and PrinceEasy in one corner dancing, Sandra has eaten the cake, she was probably fucked up at that moment, I saw red cup with her too… she must have been drinking! Is our Dear Sister Sandra backsliding? Because the way she was twerking on him made me remember our dear old Sandra, the party animal, her dance moves would freeze any dance floor. Is she picking up old attitudes? But wait sef, what’s my business? Who am I to judge?

“How far Nigga, I need gloves” I said to one of my niggas, he gave me and said “Bad Guy” I said oshey and I left. As I entered the room, Vanessa was sitting on my chair, she was seated like “see ehn, we are not doing anything today, we are just talking” I didn’t mind. I asked her wassup, “Why have you been avoiding me for weeks now? You hardly pick my calls and when you pick you’d be forming busy”

I’m sorry babe, I’ve been busy looking for my Cougar, that was what I thought, I was about to say something when my phone rang, I told her to excuse me then I checked who was calling, it was an unknown number, I thought it was probably one of those guys trying to get locate my place, you know we Lagos boys don’t want to hear turn up is happening somewhere (Lagos Boys love for turn up is probably the truest love you can see in this generation).

“Hello” I said with a very thick voice, the voice I heard on the other line was definitely Mrs. Williams voice “Hello” as I heard that my heart began to race rapidly, I was a little bit tipsy before but my eyes cleared immediately, forgetting Vanessa was in front of me I said “Hello, is that Mrs. Williams?”

“Yes, It is. How are you?” Wow! Finally!!! Mrs. Williams called me, I knew we had to talk, so I excused Vanessa and left the room, went to a quiet place, on my way to the place I saw some people doing stuff, I’d need to sanctify the whole house after everything.

“I am fine Ma, How are you too? I’ve been trying to reach you for weeks now, your number has been switched off, I even called back that day we were supposed to see” I had more to say but I had to let her talk too so I stopped there, she said “I knew you called and I knew my husband picked, that call actually caused me a lot and it got me in trouble” My call got her in trouble? But I pretended to be hausa and she didn’t save my number, how did it spoil things?

“I don’t really understand what you’re talking about, how did I get you in trouble?” She said she couldn’t start talking on the phone, she asked for where I was and she also asked if I was in school, I told her I was at home. “After today, I might not be able to call you again for a long time, and you won’t be able to reach me because this number won’t be reachable” she said. Hearing that made my legs weak, what’s going on with Mrs. Williams? Why is she talking like someone in bondage? With the way she was talking I could sense everything was not going smooth with her.

“I hope everything is fine? I hope you’re alright?” I was really bothered at that point, and that she said I might not be able to talk to her after that call was too much for me to deal with. She told me we need to see and talk, that she has a lot of things she needed to tell and that she was going through a lot.

“Where are you?” I didn’t know when that question dropped or why I asked, I just knew that was what dropped from my mouth. She told me she was at work and she’d be going home soon, she also added that she thought she’d see me when coming back from work, as I heard that I just said “we can still see actually because I want to see you too”

I was not lying; with the way she was talking I really wanted to see her right away. We talked and planned on how to see that night. During discussion we found out she could drive through my street to her house, so the plan was for her to call me when she gets to my street.

I was ready to leave Vanessa, Lola, the booze, the fun happening in my house and go to meet Mrs. Williams whenever she calls me, I just felt I had to see her that night and since she said she has things to tell me, I couldn’t wait a minute more to see her.

After the call, I went back to my room and the door was locked, did Vanessa lock me outside? I knocked the door, no one answered. I knocked again, then Solomon answered like he was in the middle of something, he might be in the middle of someone’s thigh because in less than 1seconds he said “Na Solomon, na Solomon dey inside, I dey with person” he hasn’t talked that fast before.

The last girl I saw with Solomon was Lola; could he be in the room with Lola? I was just thinking, well he might be, who knows? Lola might be the type of babe that rides on any cute guy’s bike. I was going to the sitting room when I saw Vanessa, when I saw her I took a deep breath because she was with Lola, the two of them were not really grooving… they were just busy curving niggas that approach them.

When I was going to meet them I noticed that PrinceEasy and his girlfriend was not where I saw them when I was going into my room, have they disappeared? Or gone to find a room too? PrinceEasy will gist us in the next morning.

I went to meet my babes, Vanessa and Lola, they were not catching fun. I knew they both came for me but I was too unstable to be with them. “Who is Mrs. Williams?” Vanessa asked me, “oh Mrs. Williams? She’s my neighbour jare, she said I am disturbing and she’d report me to my Parent when they come back, I’d have to go and see her soon sef”

I faced Lola, “Baby, hope you’re having fun?” she smiled briskly, “No Dear, I just want to dance right now, and I’ve not seen anyone worth dancing with” with all these guys dancing around the house? No one to dance with, I just said “oya let’s come and dance, come and show me what you got” she looked at me and said “I’ll just finish you here” I laughed out loud and I grabbed her hand and took her to where everybody’s focus was.

We started dancing, for the first few minutes, we were still doing “shy shy” but then the DJ changed the song **eyin omo wobe** you know you cannot hear “eyin omo wobe” and still keep cool, she was backing me before, she was putting her heavy behind on me before but as she heard “eyin omo wobe” she gave me my space, she moved forward and she faced me, with the way she killed the Shakiti Bobo dance you can tell Lola is truly Daughter of Wobe.

She killed the shakiti bobo dance and acted like she passed the current to me, she paused with one of her legs hanging in the air (you know the way you hang your leg when dancing shakiti bobo na, just like that, with her shoulder positioning in the bobo manner and her hands too) and I started dancing it too, well my shakiti bobo is not that bad, I tried too.

By this time everybody stopped dancing, they were watching Lola and I murder the floor, we kept dancing and dancing, I was getting the tired when the DJ decided to drop ‘Ukwu’ by Timaya, Lola’s ass must have inspired him to drop that song, as Lola heard this song she changed it for me, damn, she really knows how to throw her ass around, with the way she was handling her ukwu I’m sure every other guys there would wish they were the one dancing with her.

We were still murdering the dance floor and got everybody watching when I noticed my phone was vibrating in my pocket, Mrs. Williams must be calling, but I couldn’t just stop dancing, that was what I thought, but the phone kept ringing then I remembered she said I might not be able to reach her again and I remembered how she was talking, I had to stop dancing and rush outside.

Before getting outside the phone had stopped ringing, I called back, stupid network the call didn’t go through again. Few seconds my phone rang, I did not even chill small, I picked it immediately. I was really sweating profusely, I was panting too. That Lola girl wanted to kill me.

Mrs. Williams said she was around my street, I started walking down my street and I told her to drive down. I was walking down the street when some of my street guys saw me and asked what was happening in my place, I told them my friend was celebrating his celebrating his birthday, one of them asked me “are there unilag babes there too?” I told them yes but since I was going somewhere I didn’t just want to stand there and be talking to them, so I just told them they could go and catch fun too and I left them.

I kept walking, almost at the junction and I’ve not seen Mrs. Williams’s car? I called her again asked where she was, we were still talking on phone when I saw her car, blithely and unknowingly I shouted “I’ve seen you!” seeing her car was like me seeing a real treasure, you should have seen the smile on my face when I saw her car, it was unparalleled. Really it was. So finally, I’m seeing Mrs. Williams again, my heart just started beating fast for reasons I couldn’t explain.

You know I’ve waited so long for that moment, so much anticipation, so much expectation, I became nervous, maybe it was a little bit but I was. But I had to keep cool and calm. The closer her car moved towards me the higher my heart beat increased.

Finally, she parked beside me, I remembered that night I first saw her, that was how she parked beside me too. I opened the door and hopped in. The A/C inside her car calmed my nerves, her beautiful face relaxed my brain, that I was around her again made me feel whole

“Good Evening Mrs. Williams” the look on her was not as bright as I thought it would be, she was dull, the first time I saw her she was radiant, but now she was looking like she has been crying all day. With the way she talking over the phone and the way she was looking I knew something was wrong with her, but with everything she was still beautiful, she didn’t even wear make-up.

“Mrs. Williams hope all is well?” She didn’t answer that, instead she greeted me, asked how I have been, if school has really been going well, I answered all she asked me instantly, so I could ask all the questions I want to ask her too, all the questions I had prepare for her.

While we were talking, I perceived alcohol smelling in her car, even from her mouth, her eyes were not totally opened like she was tipsy or drunk. Has Mrs. Williams been drinking? Or I was the one with bad nostril? (She has been drinking actually and you’ll get to know why at the end of this episode.)

After I answered all she wanted to know about me, I asked how she was, and why her number has not been going through. She said “since the day you called me things has not really been going well in my house, my husband thinks I’m cheating on him with a Young Man and he’s very insecure when it comes to me”

Why will he think she’s cheating on him with a young man? I didn’t even say anything when I called her; I acted like it was a wrong number I called. “I actually called but I pretended like I called a wrong number” trying to be funny I added “I even acted like an aboki guy that called a wrong number”. The joke didn’t work as she said “that was where you made a mistake, your name was showing on my phone, so when you acted like you called the wrong number when you called me made him suspicious” she added “I saved your number as ‘Young Man’ ”

I actually thought forming I called a wrong number was the smartest thing to do, I didn’t think it through, I didn’t think about the possibilities of she saving my number, and it was that her husband that confused me, when he picked up the phone he asked who was on the line, so I assumed my number was not saved on the phone, he must have thought “who is this young man calling my wife”. His wife is pretty hot though, I don’t blame him if he’s too possessive, or insecure.

Knowing that I caused her trouble made me feel terrible, I didn’t even know what to say next, will I say “sorry I called you” or “sorry I acted like I called the wrong number” or “sorry I put you in trouble”. I was just looking like a child caught while trying to steal meat.

I wanted to know how everything went down that night, so I said “wow so he thought you were cheating on him because you had my number and I acted like I called a wrong number, hope you were able to explain to him it was not what he thought”

She looked at me, her eyes were moist and red… she must have been going through a lot. With her voice breaking like she’d soon cry she said “The kind of man I’m living with doesn’t listen, he just acts irrationally, I was trying to explain to him when he slapped me” as I heard “slap” I shouted Jesus! (Ladies, if you were Mrs. Williams how would you explain what happened to your husband? Guys, if you were Mr. Williams how would you handle the situation?)

How on earth can a man slap a woman that beautiful? I didn’t want to believe Mrs. Williams is married to a man that beats her; to me she was too much of an Angel to be experiencing domestic violence. A woman like that deserves everything in her matrimony, I don’t really know much about her but from the little I could deduce, she’s what every Man prays for. How will you have such a jewel and not cherish it?

She continued talking, with the way she was talking I knew she needed someone to talk to, because she just kept on telling me stories, she told me her husband beats her a lot and he also cheats on her, she also told me that is why she wanted to divorce him, according to her, her relatives don’t interfere in her matrimony anymore because they’ve asked her to leave the man since but she was putting up with whatever he was taking her through because she loves him.  “He’s the only man I’ve been with all my life that’s why he treats me as he likes, I can only stay out this late tonight because he travelled, if he was around and I’m not at home by 7p.m he will nearly kill me” She told me she never for once cheated on him, she has never been with any other man except him, because he met her while she was a teenager, so he has been her first and only. (a Woman like that should be given the world)

It was after she told me all she was going through I understood why she said she might be getting divorced soon in Episode 1. If I was to advise her, I’d tell her to divorce immediately, she deserves way more than that. She deserves happiness and love, that she was not happy broke me to pieces.

I was too sad to say soothing words, I just gave her the “you know sometimes bad things happen to good people” speech and I commiserated with her. I was looking at her with so much sympathy, she looked at me and smile, she said “there’s something about the way you look at me”

As she said this, she opened her dashboard and brought out the alcohol she was drinking, it was Hennessy and she gulped it, I knew she was drinking because of her domestic problem not for fun because she didn’t even offer me. She continued talking, “I Love the way you look at me, I love the way it makes me feel, it makes me feel beautiful”

WOW! Just looking at her makes her feel beautiful, normally I’m shy but when she said that I became shyer, but still I couldn’t keep my eyes of her. What she was going through has eaten her up emotionally, how can you feel beautiful just by the way someone looks at you.

She doesn’t realize the Queen she is inside, she doesn’t realize how much of a treasure she is, her marital life has ruined all her inner beauty, and she now feels empty. I looked at her and tried to tell her how beautiful she was, I tried to make her know how much of a Jewel she was, trying to tell a woman older than you she’s hot and not sounding rude was hard though, I had to carefully pick my words.

Later that night Mrs. Williams started behaving somehow, she started talking like she was drunk too. The Hennessy had starting working in her bloodstream, and it was getting late already, I should be going back to my place, she didn’t seem like she wanted to leave anytime soon, as she was just blabbing and I was trying to flow along. (She was really messed up, she was sad and heartbroken, she was dying for anything to soothe her, she has been wounded by love, and she needed to be healed very badly. She was thirsty and hungry, only affections could fill her.) The Question is can I soothe her? Can I make her feel better? The word’s I say… can they help?

A party is going on at my place, I should be going back now, and I’ll still take Vanessa and Lola back to their hostel that night. When I told her I needed to be on my way, she said some funny things that made me confirm she was really drunk, I loved what she said but I wished she said it in her right mind.

She offered to drive me to my house then she’d go from there. As she was driving down my street I knew allowing her to drive home alone is very dangerous, she might just end up crashing. As she was driving me home something happened, something very very bad! I wish I could tell you now but you will know in the next episode! Later Guys!

Written By inCognito Papi. You can follow me on twitter @inCongnitoPapi (to see what the writer looks like you can also follow me on Instagram @incognitopapi) #Bless

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  1. Interesting… I’ve been waiting so long for this and I’m glad it’s longer than the previous episodes… I guess it’s a compensation for us Lol

  2. Damn!, I don dey wait for dis episode teytey. Good one bro. Kudos. Lest I forget, how was your exam. Am sure u burst ur lecturers head wit ur answers as u dey burst our head wit ur stories. No shii. I luv my character in dis episode, hin make sense. U too gbaski. Osheeeeee!….Make hin dey go like that. I for like make u introduce me to mrs Williams o. But I knw say u go dey jealous wit am…anywayz sha…komalo beeee….

  3. @incognitopapi I know who mrs williams’ son is… Not to kill the suspense tho buhh if it is who I think it is, then your story has gone up ‘badass’ level. Leave me your emeil address.

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