Casinos are extremely popular worldwide, despite the governments’ restrictions in multiple countries.

Fortunately, modern technology provides lots of opportunities to enjoy time spending from anywhere in the world at any time. This online casino site is intended to provide you with a great opportunity to enjoy your time. We give you all you need!

Casino history

We are sure you will be interested in casino foundation history, its emergence time and the way it initially looked like. The current casino history started with the first gambling establishment in Europe, legally opened in Venice in 1638. It was called Il Ridotto. «Casino» term was derived from «little house» Italian word meaning.

The current word origin is explained by the fact that gambling was organized in private houses before the opening the first legal casino. Often spectators were entertained with dancing and music in addition to gambling. Food and drinks were served to visitors as well. It is believed that Il Ridotto casino was intended to entertain people with gambling during the famous Venetian carnival. The privileged people only were allowed to enter gambling institution. Therefore, bets amounts were huge.

Finally gambling became illegal due to the church’s negative attitude towards such entertainment. Such laws resulted in closure of the world’s first official casino called «Il Ridotto»

But casinos development has been continued. A bit later the first casino was founded in France due to Cardinal Mazarin, who was striving to replenish the state treasury with the gambling business taxes. The current casino provided a new game type, which quickly gained popularity – roulette.

Besides the first casinos were opened in other European countries at the beginning of the 18th century. The prize pools were enough large due to the large players number, who enjoyed the current entertainment type. A great chance to earn a lot of money attracted players.

22Bet benefits

We take care of our customers and strive to provide them with maximum benefits. Below are provided the main 22Bet benefits:
• Anonymity
• Payment guarantee
• Large games range
• Ability to play 24/7
• Transparency
• Customer support service
We continue developing to provide you with a great chance to enjoy your time and benefit!

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