A UNIBEN graduate shared this viral pic of all the pens he used as an undergraduate till his final exams. Every single pen was used till the ink was completely dried up!


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  1. Nonsense …….Ladies should be aware of this dude because dating him,you have to account for any money he spent on you from day one……………………………………. …………………….. ME I thought he kept his virginity

  2. Most of the People condemning him are doing so because they are so careless and I am so sure that they have never finished using a Biro without misplacing it at one time or another. However, this guy has my admiration. It really shows that He is a very careful person. Keep it up!

  3. This guy deserve an award. It shows he is meticulous,careful and took the decision from the onset. So good to find some students who are still focused in this era when education has become (PAYG) pay as you go. He deserve some commedations.

  4. In this hard time everyone wants to act and make sure that their names enter guinness book of record. It’s new story and I never had it before so, his the first actor in such book. Actually, I have cloths which I kept ever since I was an infant till this day. I will post them in GhanaMostGo! To NigeriaMostSurvive!

  5. So how does that give him A’s or get him a first class, not everyone that seatt in front comes out with first class, Its not even real, so no one got damaged ? All just finished like this, no one stopped writting at a point without getting finished ??? Lol na today i start to use biro abi,

  6. This guy should be a Nigerian politician and I’m surprised some people believe this. Except he’s a writer in another field. How possible is it for one person to use over 73 biros in 6 years from New to empty? One a month and he said minus a few. Doesn’t the school go on vacation, is it a must all lecturers dictate or is it 7 days of the week they hold lectures in this school? We’ve all been to school and we’ve all used biros for weeks without the ink moving noticeably and we’ve all had those lecturers that would ask us to read on our own. Well, except he made a first class at the end of the day then he just wasted time, money and effort keeping empty pens.

  7. This kind of guy cannot borrow person his Biro in school,he is stingy because I know for sure u cannot use or keep your Biro till it finish in higher instutition. There must be borrowers that never return it or friends that will come home with u only to go with ur biros. Lol

  8. He is not just an economics student but he is as well against the progress of biro companies but hope he can still remember what is have used the biro to write for that six years but if not he have kept nothing from the certificate he aquired.

  9. The whole biro is same product and all look brand new . In six years things involve . Biro used 2010 can’t shine as the ones used last year . Imagine they all are same shape and similar look brand . Non us stained or older . This is funny . But the boy has concept shaaa

  10. He tried but if this is just the Biro he used for complete six years then he did not write anything cos am sure a good student will exhaust that Biro in at most four semesters. He must be a careful person to keep those ones anyway.

  11. I knew a girl in University days that was a “neat freak”. She was also very very very meticulous. She stayed on her budget thoroughly. I was surprised the day I saw her accidentally visiting an orphanage home. I began to respect her for her being unique. I called her a neat freak because if you visit her as you stand to live, she picks up her broom and begin to sweep and funny enough mop the entire room. Hahaha … The back of her pot never had a single mark of blackness on it. Her stove was very clean. People like me waited for her to first use the bathroom, because she will always scrub it before using and mop it after taking her bath. LMAO… Her name is Isioma and she is a black beauty. However, she never did big girl but always ironed all her clothes. She was one of my rummy back in Uni days, and she kept old used up things such as Biro, hair pins, birthday cards, etc. She saw them as trophies and she was proud of them. She spoke softly and never argued but can ignore you for weeks. She is one of a kind. At last, she made a 2:1 and graduated as a V. Unbelievable but true. We called her solo mistress. She wasn’t that bad, in fact she was great. She shared her meal with if we asked her to share. Memory of her still makes me laugh so hard. My Miss neat freak!

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