Jessica Beer, a Junior Secondary School (JSS) II student of Gyegeh Memorial College Logo1 , Makurdi, Benue state, has committed suicide.

The female student according sources drank substance believed to be poison and was rushed to a clinic in Akpehe, before doctors confirmed her dead on arrival .

A close friend of the deceased, who would rather want to remain anonymous, told the Nation that the girl committed suicide because her boyfriend by name Labi, a pork meat seller at Wurukum Market in Makurdi impregnated and abandoned her and then impregnated another girl.

Residents of Akpehe who were startled by the news rushed to the clinic to catch a glimpse of the remains of the girl.

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  1. jss wa ho.abeg y dis pikin no think hw he go be governor,president.or american leader.insted u just took u life.sorry to say our parent shud also play der own part.Even auntys as i hav leaved wit ma aunty since wen i was 9she was hard towards me.i hate her wit day i am in d university,i knw my left frm my right.dats an aunty.if i av leaved wit ma mummy i dont knw d type of traning i wud av gotten.May God help us.

  2. If u sekem for me, i go give u belle. Meat seller com turn messi for belle givin. Child abuse nd parent dat dont want kids shld not give birth if they cant take care of them. Why born pikin nd u cant watch ova it u just allow them misbehave nd cause societal trouble. Some parent tho.

    • Na true love na , computer generation, most of the females wey de comment say no be “MEAT SELLER” na watin make am man be that na at that level .
      Let’s teach our children the values of our African culture.

  3. Jss 2 wen I was still bathing under rain? Going to schools for debates? Just to make sure I need up with my friends academically? Then dis girl took her own life bcox of what u will get tired of wen u are old and successful? May God help ur dead soul hissssss

  4. May ur soul rest in Hell! Can u imaging a meat seller.. Wey u suppose face school? Na 2much of Indian American and 9ja films even 9ja film self them no dey kill theirselves for movie again.. Children? I blame ur parent.

  5. Young sweet girls of this 21st century. … I no you are pretty and want to exlpore your potentials but pls and pls close your legs and the boys pls zip up oooòo. .. mothers pls take up your responsibilities and train your child . Don’t spear the rod and spoil the child. It is well.

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