10. Chidinma Ekile.

Chidinma Make up free

On almost every Top female celebrity lists YBL makes, Chidinma always squeezes her some self in… except for ones which has to do with couples and all. Lol.

Beautiful miss kedike singer, is one whose natural hair is kinda like her trademark. Ever since she ditched the weaves and wigs for a low cut, she’s been more than stunning than ever, except that she’s recently changing her style. Like the “Simbi” look she put on few weeks ago…

The gorgeous “Lorry” crooner came into stardom when she won the third edition of the MTN Project Fame back in 2010.

Chidinma Ekile loses Dad


  1. Always natural, there I nothing wrong with ur complexion as well, U ‘re only giving its desired and prompt maintenance, keep it up! Don’t mind them we guyz are used to d jealous reaction of some ladies when dey see their fellow gender being more celebrated them. They often possessed by demonic spirits of Jealousy and hatred.

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