12. W.A.J.E

Waje Natural1

Aituaje “Waje” Iruobe… I need someone to teach me how to pronounce her name last name though, “Iruobe”, I pronounce it as “Iru (Locust beans) – Obe (Soup). Don’t mind me though!

The gorgeous mother of one is a Nigerian singer whose vocal range, according to wiki, covers three octaves, how dope is that? We know it’s true though, we’ve heard her sing!

Waje Natural


  1. Always natural, there I nothing wrong with ur complexion as well, U ‘re only giving its desired and prompt maintenance, keep it up! Don’t mind them we guyz are used to d jealous reaction of some ladies when dey see their fellow gender being more celebrated them. They often possessed by demonic spirits of Jealousy and hatred.

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