A married man has reportedly lost interest in his wife and eventually divorced her after witnessing her give birth to their baby.

It was gathered that the man was present in the labour room with his wife when she gave birth to their child, the experience however left him traumatized and made him loose all interest in her.

A Twitter user who claimed the said man is her brother, shared the heartbreaking story while noting that she would never allow her man witness her giving birth, because it leaves the man with a trauma he might never overcome.

According to her, her brother couldn’t come close to his wife for over a year before he eventually divorced her as a result of the labour room experience.

“I’d never allow my man to be there and see such. My brother wouldn’t sleep with his wife for over a year cause of what he saw when she gave birth. It even led to a divorce

Yes they’d still be married. He found her unattractive from that day and therapy didn’t help also. It’s trauma seeing a vagina stretch that wide”. She tweeted.

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