Ugoccie reveals

Nigerian singer Favour Ugochi Anosike, popularly known as Ugoccie, has shared her encounter with a married fan who introduced her to his pregnant wife as his ‘crush’.

The 26-year-old musician shared this incident in reaction to a video of a fan who left her boyfriend to dance provocatively with singer Omah Lay at his concert in the UK.

Ugoccie recounted how she rebuked the married fan for introducing her to his wife as his ‘crush’ and personally apologized to the man’s wife.

Ugoccie reveals

She further emphasize the importance of respecting one’s partner and admonished people against disrespecting their partners because of a celebrity.

The singer tweeted,

“One of my married fans came to one of my shows with his pregnant wife and then proceeds to introduce me to his wife as his “crush that he would do anything for”

I shut it down there and then,
apologized to his wife and warned him never to say that.

No matter how much you love an artist, never disrespect your partner because of them.

Cheers 🥂”

See the tweet,

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