A lady has sparked a debate on Twitter after she shared her opinion about a child bearing the father’s last name.

The lady identified as devonleighs, in a thread stated that it’s weird for a woman to give a child she birthed the dad’s last name, especially when she doesn’t have his surname.

According to her, a child should bear the mother’s name because women and their kids are not a man’s property and they are the ones who carry the child and go through labour pains.

In her words,

“Giving the baby that YOU birthed, the dads last name when you don’t even have his last name will always be so weird to me. 1. Women & their kids are not a man’s property 2. We are the ones who are pregnant & give birth 3. Men are not more important than women 4. I refuse to have a different last name than my child should anything happen between me & my husband 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m sure there’s some good dads who aren’t married out there, but yea women are the ones who go through pregnancy and childbirth so I’m a firm believer in giving your kid your last name if you’re single or hyphenating if you’re married”.

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