dabota steal

Yesterday, we brought y’all reports of a cosmetics company who claimed that wife of Billionaire, Dabota Lawson, plagiarized their products and used their designs for hers.

Well, the businesswoman has now published her correspondence with the company, confirming that such court application never occurred, that it was all a plan to malign her image and business.

She wrote:

False news!No such occurrence !! Natural Dermis Skincare never released such statement or filed any law suits. Let alone communicate with whoever started this weak thread.

This is just a bid to malign my image & business.

An easy bandwagon to jump on–

An extremely distasteful and disgraceful media hatchet job . Such lazy reporting that can get people into serious trouble . Shame!!! I have gotten in-touch with @naturaldermisskincare and will post their reply next .

Dear Queens, let’s continue to enjoy DABOTA COSMETICS as usual. We are here to stay FOREVER

She went further to publish their mail to her:

dabota mail

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