Wife Slaps Husband

An unknown lady who physically assaulted her husband after the latter allegedly tapped a girl’s buttocks, has been told to apologise to him with a cow.

According to her, she and her husband had gone to a restaurant to eat; but the man, seemed taken in by the backside of the waitress serving them, couldn’t resist feeling her butts and thus had a grab.

Out of anger, she slapped the husband, and he returned the slap, and the two of them fought dirty right there.

He took the case to his family, and now she has been told to apologise to him with a cow.

Read the story below:

‘I slapped my husband in public for tapping a girls ass and now his family is asking me to apologise to him with one cow.

See me trouble ,my husband took me out,and as I was busy gisting with him,this girl serving us passed and he slapped her ass,put of anger I slapped his face,he slapped me back ,I poured the drink on the table on him ,so he took his car keys and left,while I took a taxi back home.

We did not talk to each other for 2 months,before he reported me to senior elders and they invited me ,asked me to buy one big cow for my husband or I pack out of his house.

This must be a joke. I want to pack out but my mum is insisting I stay and save my marriage . What do you people think ?
After disrespecting me in public and even slapping me,I will still come and but cow for him to touch me. Do you all think this is a good excuse to leave my marriage . I don’t even Have money cow cow, but my mum is willing to borrow me. I need advice please, before I love react again

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