Abroad based Nigerian preacher, Samuel Ekundayo has advised people in relationships against forming or pretending to their partners.

According to him, an important attribute of an healthy relationship is when couples in a relationship are real with each other without any form of pretense.

The purpose preacher shared a throwback photo of his wife devouring a piece of chicken in his presence when they were still dating and noted that anyone who cant be herself or himself with his partner around is not real.

Using his wife as an example he stated that couples in relationships who can’t eat chicken the way his wife did with him around are still ‘forming’.

In his words,

“If you’re in a relationship and you cannot eat your chicken the way my wife is eating it in this picture, in the presence of her then fiancé (me), just know that you both are still “forming”. This is one litmus test to know if you both are real or pretending. See somebody’s long neck. Someone guess the year#RealRelationships#ThrowbackThursday”.

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