Popular Activist and Lawyer, Reno Omokri, took to social media to give some interesting advice to men who spend money on their girlfriends.

Sharing his popular #RenoNuggets on twitter, Reno said spending money on a Woman who is not your wife drains blessings and men are under no obligation to that since they aren’t married to these women.

He wrote:

“Dear men, a woman who fell in love after seeing your wallet will also fall out of love after seeing your downfall. You are under no obligation to spend your money on a woman that is not your wife. It does not make you stingy.”

“It make you wise, because spending to maintain girlfriends drain blessings from you. spending to maintain parents rains blessings on you.. Learn to pleasure your parents if you want treasure in your life. Honour your father and mother and God will honour you.”



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