Still trying to fathom the reasons why the beautiful ones are always joining the army! You’ve Got to see the Pakistan Army Ladies…Damn!

Anyway, This is Funmi…Funmi is young and beautiful..she should be in her mid 20’s and she’s decided she wants to tow her own path in life by enrolling in the United States Army….Still wondering…Why not Nigerian Police Force? 😛

Funmi, who just finished college -was among the recent recruits and is serving at Fort Sill Army Post in Oklahoma.

According to her, she has always excelled where people think less of her as she’s set to mark her name in the United States military. We wish her the best of luck.

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  1. Abeg u join am well u did d right tin….me wan JOIN FBI for US dats my dream….make person join nija own e go cum die throw way for dis buhari period….God forbid bad tin…bae u do am well

  2. Comment: but i thought u must b an indigin by birth of a country b4 u can join the army or police in dat same nation… And 4 her beauty, dats y i luv d americans nd d europians, dey rucruits angels and nt ugly ladies lyk africa doz…

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