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General overseer of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), ‘Prophet’ Temitope Balogun Joshua, called the United States presidential election for Democrat Hillary Clinton, days before the first ballot was cast in anger.
It was a Facebook post seen round the world.

“Ten days ago, I saw the new President of America with a narrow win”, the cleric wrote. “The new President will be facing several challenges over many issues including: passing bills, attempts to possibly pass a vote of no confidence on the new President.

“The boat of the new President will be rocked.

“By the way, in order not to keep you in suspense, what I frankly saw is a woman”.

First off, there’s no new President who doesn’t “get his boat rocked”.

It’s like saying the sun will rise at dawn.

TB Joshua was lying through his false teeth and he knew it.

The issue is that this goatee spotting cleric has been getting away with prophecies of this nature in the past. This time, he was found out.


He’s the expert at predicting the obvious. Something along the lines of Germany will win the World Cup or Barcelona will win the Spanish La Liga, one businessman will win the Governorship election in a South-West State or one prominent politician will die this year–pray!

People die every year across the world and prominent politicians will answer nature’s call at some point, like everyone else.

It’s a game of probability anyone can play and Joshua has proven himself adept at this game through the years.

But as the TV networks called the election for Donald J. Trump instead, TB Joshua’s Facebook post had disappeared.

And no, it wasn’t some kind of miracle, he manually deleted his own social media post after it became evident that his prediction had gone awry.

“A prediction by influential Nigerian TV evangelist TB Joshua that Hillary Clinton would win the US presidential election has been removed from his Facebook account”, screamed the BBC.

See your life outside, Temitope?


BBC added: “Mr Joshua told his congregation on Sunday that he “saw” a woman winning.

“After Donald Trump convincingly won Tuesday’s vote, visitors to the preacher’s Facebook page noticed the prophecy had been removed”.

A former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, joined in on the act.

“It is official. President-Elect Donald J. Trump. I am glad to have campaigned for you. Dear TB Joshua, who gave you your prophecy? My God that I serve is not a man that He will lie!”

Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

Prophet Joshua was soon the object of intense ridicule online.

“Maybe he saw Donald in his vision grabbing a woman by the pussy”, tweeted Yinka Igbaroola.

Twitter user @SaemythEM, wrote: “According to TB Joshua’s law of hallucinations, next time you see a woman in your dream, don’t be so sure”.

There’ve been several memes to go with an embarrassing day at the office for TB Joshua.

For years, he’s fooled Nigerians and the world at large with his ‘working to the answer’ prophecies.

This may just be the best opportunity for the self acclaimed Prophet to retire from the business of churning out false predictions.

He was embarrassingly found out this time; and deleting his social media post cemented his reputation as one of the phoniest Pastors in the land.


  1. Where on earth did u guys get that from… if u don’t have important news to put online u better fuck off and stop condemning an anointed man of God… and even if he said that and it failed… why judge him cuz of one failed prophecy forgetting about the millions of prophecies that has come true for the past years.. moreover the ways of God are not the ways of man.. he can change things at anything he likes…at this juncture I postpone my judgement till 2017

  2. So if you’re the one toppinq the position of #1st every term..

    And suddenly you failed woefully.. Duz that means you’re dull ??

    Tho Pastors should stay out of politics, but callinq somebody fake.. Umm.. My hand no dey o..

    Only God can judqe ..

  3. What makes one a man of God? Is it by owning a church? What do you then call very true and faithful Christians who don’t own churches? Well, the man should concentrate more on forecasting 9ja bed scores and not things wey nor concern am wey him no even sure of sef….

  4. I just hope that a demonic spirit is not speaking out you YabaLeft, What pleasure do you take upon yourself to promote insult to TB Joshua on the social media? I have never heard you in the passed comment him when other prediction come true. Allow him to live his life the way he want to live you live the way you want to live.

  5. TB joshua is just mad like reverend jim jones of guyana who isolated himself and his church members and forced them to believe in rubbish and later forced them to commit sucide bcos he predicted the end of the world,one day TB joshua will do the same to his psycho followers in his lagos shrine,fake psycho preacher, how you did see the collapse of church ?

  6. All the accurate prophecies T B Joshua has been making over the years, you people don’t sing it. Even if this one is not accurate, he after all has never said he is Jesus Christ. He is just a man. We may sometimes do mistakes. But above all, he said it was what he saw 10 days ago. So anything can happen to change prophecies. All the miracles and healings taking place daily in that church, haters don’t see them. Make una carry una face go another place, haters.

  7. Am not one of his followers but I have nothing against him, this man is feeding thousands of people, clothing them , go all the way to north to support and food for homeless, where are ones we called true men of God? Buying jet, owning cars, increasing school fees in the name of God, their member can’t even go near them due to protocols, poor members has no place in their churches, a ritualist is most recognized and respected, yet we called them men of God, we are hypocrites, even if I don’t have believe in some pastors I will still respect those that are humble, and cares for the poor among them, now attack me.

  8. Please stop judging him okay, who are thou to judge another man servant…. Whether he is real or fake he is answerable to God not man. One prophesy doesn’t make a man of God real or fake, after all, not all prophesy in the bible from the old prophets came to past.

  9. now lemme clear the air for those saying that tb is judged on just a single failed prophecy fellas if now who a prophet is and what a prophecy is you will not say that nigga tb is a prophet because anything a prophet says is that which God has told him and not what he feels will happen did any of those prophet in the #holybook ever said sometime and something else happen? no i guess or are you saying God now fails no you not saying so and so you should know tb is of god but not the living God,,#orteselord

  10. No matter what happens he still remains a good prophet of the almighty god. It’s not in your place to judge whether a particularly prophesy manifested or not. Since you people have failed to see those ones he did right please be careful of what you say against a prophet.

  11. Of all the prophecies that he has been given to America and d world in general dt has come to pass ,why didn’t u publicised it dt u took this one upon ursefs to insult him if u remember clear he said he saw it 10 days ago,also remember prayers can change any prophecy and God can have mercy on who he wants.if u most all know even d bible make us to understand dt a prophet is not honoured in his own land either most most of u like it or not we still luv him to our bone.I strongly belive dt as time goes on we sha begin to see tins unravel it self.tank u all

  12. Abeg jare prophesy is different from prediction…. For god sake he just disgraced himself he should have pridicted not prophesying…… Now he’s got his ass kicked……. Me self i prophesied after the winning of trump that he will win

  13. Only God knows his people,his a man of God I don’t think I have d right to judge him because I am not the one that choose him so pls let’s leave this case for ECOWAS that is in heaven ,I arrest my case till 2017…..

  14. It may interest all to note that Hiliary Clinton actually got the highest popular vote, vis-a-vis Nigerian constitution that goes by simple majority, she ought to have been declared the winner, American Presidential system of governance is hinged on electoral college which is slightly different.

  15. Every pastor is fake, around the world. And their god is money and they also worship satan their daddy. If they are not evil how come they didn’t know that, over 99.9% of the bible predictions has come to pass such as USA last election and that Christ has also return in His second coming, today waiting to be “Revealed soon” Luke 17-30..To put things right….To read more and also learn how u can survuve join….(THE BITTER TRUTH)… Group, today.. All is now ready and things will continue to go from BAD to worse all over the world because we refused to obey God’s Royal laws till, The END

  16. What if after all these abuses rendered on T.B Joshua something leads to something and Trump is removed and Hillary Clinton is sworn in as US president come 2017..?? US election has taught me so much lessons.

  17. Story for the gods,man of GOD or not man of GOD,he is fake,who kws the power he is using self,i’m afraid of all dis miracles pastors dat dnt preach salvation and repentance,rather is only miracle they believe,the point is dis trump hv win the election sha,he is now president of America,no more gay marriage

  18. Honestly Hillary win popular vote,and even if you are not pastor or prophet everybody knows that Hillary was wining the election and electoral college turn it upside down, Though am not his member nor his follower but I believe in what he said about that election.

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