Pastor Shola Adeoye

Nigerian pastor, Shola Adeoye has given a piece of advice to women dating a man approaching 50 and has never been married.

Speaking in a video shared on his Instagram page, the clergyman said dating a man who is 48 or 50 years old and has never been married before is a big red flag in itself.

However, if a woman decides to get married to such a man, they should both get proper counselling before the wedding to prevent issues in marriage.

Pastor Shola Adeoye

According to him, it’s very important of them to be counseled because a man who has been single for that long would find it difficult to be fully committed in marriage.

Listen to him speak below…

The video has gotten people talking on social media with the buck of them expressing agreement with his statement.

See some reactions below,

@baneli_prohair wrote,

“True. Like why will a man be single for that long 🤷🏼‍♀️ No ex wife, No baby mama it’s definitely a red flag.”

@nkemzzz wrote,

“48-50 never been married what are you doing with your life please 😮😮”

@mr_exxe_ wrote,

“He is right, I traveled outside the country for a year and 8 months, when I came back I find it difficult to tolerate my wife, I was not cheating but I began to see her complaints, noise, quarrels as a disturbance to me, I will always want to be on my own so I don’t get disturbed or she annoying me, sometimes I will even prefer we are quarreling so I have to be on my own and only play with the children. When you live single for too long you’ll find it difficult to tolerate or give someone space in your life.”

@temitope_otukoya wrote,

“You no lie sir, I know one Uncle on this table of 54yrs, Never married, No kids sometimes you will think he escaped from Yabaleft & they can cap Nonsense, Emotional blackmail is their 2nd name …..Dem stingy join the psychological madness weh dey ground😂”

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