A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament bitterly, after her boyfriend ordered her to wash bedsheet.

According to her she she went to visit him in his house, and was oblivious that she was on her period so she stained the bedsheet.

The boyfriend who was irritated by the blood stain, instructed her to wash the stained bedspread.

The lady in a message to love doctor, Joro, stated that the the incident made her feel disrespected and angry.

She further revealed that instructing her to wash the bedspread made her regret going to his house and vowed that she would never visit him again.

In her words,

“I’m so angry and disrespected. If I stay in my own house, this won’t be happening. I went to this guy’s house to stay for the SARS curfew. The next day, I was not expecting my period and I stained his bed. Oga came and said I should wash the bed sheet. He has a house help in his house. Why can’t his house help wash it? I have gone back to my house. I won’t go to any guy’s house again”.

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