Often times you may be attracted to a guy but don’t have an idea on how to make him glance your way. He may be that guy you keep bumping into at your favorite food joint, the cute guy who is always in the library or that guy who lives close to you.

Don’t know what to do? Here’s how to get him to do the chasing after seven days.

First day – Make eye contact: The way you stare at someone says a lot more than your words. Look at him in a way that he’ll know you are actually interested in him.

Second day – Do a small introduction: You can begin a conversation with him by introducing yourself. Don’t tell him your life history, just a little but interesting chat will be fine.

Third day – Keep him interested: You started by introducing yourself the previous day, there’s a chance he might be the one to do the talking today.

This could mean you managed to get him interested in you. Try to sustain this by having further conversations with him. Don’t say no if he asks you out for lunch.

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