I am so ashamed of this and it has made my life unbearable for me. I’m suicidal and I just don’t know how to fix this mess. I have a three-year-old son, when I got pregnant I thought my son was for my main man and not my other boyfriend.

I was proud to be pregnant and never had worries about who the father of my baby was.

When I got pregnant I was sure the baby was his cos I dumped the other guy and later he died.

However, problem started recently when I found out my husband has a daughter who was born 7 months after my son and the girl just resembles my husband like a photocopy and I started seeing difference in my son who suddenly looks nothing like my husband.

I see that my son could be the other guy’s. All these while, I didn’t think for once that my husband is not the father. My husband and my son have a very strong bond, they are so in love with each other. But, I fear what could happen if he finds out he is not actually his son.

I feel like a thief. I feel like I’ve committed the biggest sin in the world.

Everyday, I want to tell my husband about this but I’m scared. I’m so scared of the damage this issue might to do to us. I know his heart is going to break if he finds out. But what should I do?

Should I tell my husband the truth or just forget about it?



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