Though some of you will barely give a sh*t if a guy likes you or not, yeah, some of you are nuts like that, no offense, but some of you too are really looking for attention from that guy you so desire… or probably you have him already and you want him to want you more.

Let’s help you get that dream, shall we?

1. Get him to talk about the things that he loves.

When a guy is talking about something he is really into, he subconsciously vibes with you in the process of conversing.

2. Talk to him about things you are passionate about.

Talking about what you love naturally makes you glow and this inspires an attraction, which is a good start towards gaining affection.

3. When interacting with him, flirt.

Make and maintain eye contact. Don’t be shy, get physical: casually touch his arms and shoulders. All these help to grow and sustain his attention on you.

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